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News about Climate Change and our Planet

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WaPo Props Up Fake Meat Company That ‘Vows’ To ‘Save The Planet’

First, they wanted us to eat the bugs. That didn’t catch on, so now they want to make our meat in a lab. The Washington Post’s latest climate nonsense fawned over lab-grown meat to save the climate. The Post propped…


Climate-friendly diets can make a huge difference – even if you don’t go all-out vegan

Who chooses what you eat? If your answer is “I do,” you’re partly right. You may buy your own groceries and order your own restaurant meals, but it’s the food industry that determines what is stocked on store shelves and…

Could eating bug powder and fungus meat help fight climate change? Yes, but there are easier ways. – USA TODAY

A new study from researchers in Finland, published Monday, found that diets that simply cut down on meat and dairy are nearly as climate-friendly as diets that rely on culture-grown meat and milk. Global agriculture and food systems, especially the…

How climate change will affect Thanksgiving food – Washington Post – The Washington Post

Climate change has officially arrived at our Thanksgiving tables. As the past year has made even more clear, the consequences of a warming world have challenged farmers and food systems throughout the United States. Drought, blistering heat waves and raging…

Opinion | Can Lab-Grown Burgers Help Stop Climate Change? – The New York Times

My colleague Ezra Klein believes that should change. In an April column, he noted that the Good Food Institute, a nonprofit that promotes the alternative protein industry, had asked the Biden administration for $2 billion in funding, half of it…

Study Calls For Meat And Dairy Price Hikes To Fight Climate Change

A report produced by Cambridge University academics has called for foods with so-called high carbon footprints, such as dairy and meat, to be made more expensive in order to save the planet. The Cambridge University-led study published by the British…

The UN’s Climate Report Conflates Science With Politics. Again

“Code red for humanity.” That’s the headline accompanying the latest report from the intergovernmental panel on climate change (IPCC), an arm of the UN, assuring us that climate change catastrophe is just around the corner, and that if we don’t…

From meadow to plate: The cultured meat that replaces animals with grass

(University of Bath) An affordable lab system that uses grass blades to turn cells into cultured meat, by creating a scaffold that animal stem cells can attach to and grow on, has been developed at the University of Bath in the UK.


This Wood Grown in a Lab Could Cut Deforestation, With Furniture Made From Plant Cells

As if lab-grown meat wasn’t a head turner, a group of scientists at MIT are plotting lab-grown wooden furniture. The two projects are nearly identical, made by cultivating cells to divide and multiply into forms outside of their parent phylum, and the proof-of-concept study is a powerful first step towards finding alternatives to forestry. According […]

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