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News about Climate Change and our Planet


Here’s what Bill Gates is doing — and not doing — to help fight climate change – GeekWire

[embedded content] Climate change is by definition a global challenge, and in his new book, “How to Avoid a Climate Disaster,” Bill Gates describes solutions that require an all-hands response including government, companies, institutions and individuals. But as one of…

Is Global Warming Making Us Dumber? – – E – E – E – E/The Environmental Magazine

Could all the greenhouse gases we’re pumping into the atmosphere be compromising our ability to think straight? Dear EarthTalk: Is there scientific basis to the assertion that global warming is affecting our ability to make decisions and lowering our collective…

When Climate Change and Xenophobia Collide – The New Yorker

The next night, the family was celebrating the engagement with chicken from KFC when they heard a loud crash. Seven immigration officials burst through the front door and demanded the family’s documents. “They were checking under the mattress, flipping everything…

15 Attorneys General Pen Letter To Biden Seeking Reversal On Keystone

Republican Montana Attorney General Austin Knudsen is leading a coalition of 14 other attorneys general who signed a letter asking President Joe Biden to reverse his decision to halt construction of the Keystone XL Pipeline, citing that it is putting…

Non-Binding? Court Finds French Govt. Guilty Of Not Meeting Paris Climate Goals

In an ironic twist, a Paris court has convicted the French government of not upholding its commitments stemming from the Paris climate accord. After a complaint was filed by four environmental NGOs in March 2019 with the support of over…

With a little help from their friends, older birds breed successfully

(University of Groningen) The offspring of older animals often have a lower chance of survival because the parents are unable to take care of their young as well as they should. The Seychelles warbler is a cooperatively breeding bird species, meaning that parents often receive help when raising their offspring. A study led by biologists from the University of Groningen shows that the offspring of older females have better prospects when they are surrounded by helpers.


‘Obsessed’ Greenie BoJo Is Driving UK Towards Eco-Dictatorship

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson says he is becoming ‘more and more obsessed’ with COP26 (the United Nations climate conference which Britain is hosting later this year). ‘The green agenda is not just a load of green nonsense,’ he claims….