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Cell-free DNA detects pathogens and quantifies damage

A new study presents a technique to identify viruses and bacteria in the human body and quantify injuries to organs by using dead fragments of DNA, called cell-free DNA, that roam throughout the bloodstream and urine.

Lights! Camera! Tragedy! Famous 'cursed' movies

It doesn’t have to be Friday the 13th to remember films notoriously riddled with bad luck. These are movies in which mysterious accidents, uncanny mishaps and even death have led some to believe that they are plagued with more than…

Guest blog – The Ethics of Animal Exploitation part 1 by Alick Simmons

Alick Simmons. Photo: Stuart Reeves Alick Simmons is a veterinarian, naturalist and photographer.  After a period in private practice, he followed a 35-year career as a Government veterinarian, latterly as the UK Government’s Deputy Chief Veterinary Officer. Alick’s lifelong passion…