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Driving Electric In Africa Is A Whole Lot Cheaper Than Driving ICE: Part 3

We continue with our push to show that driving electric in Africa can be a whole lot cheaper than driving ICE. How cheap? In some cases, driving electric is as good as driving for free thanks some really cheap residential electricity tariffs in several countries

Media tip sheet: Going high-tech in ecology

(Ecological Society of America) These presentations feature ecological research that harnesses high-tech advances in new and exciting ways. All will be presented at the Ecological Society of America’s upcoming virtual annual meeting, August 3-6, 2020.


Grassroots dog vaccinations can help stop rabies, but not alone

While scientists are trying to find a vaccine for COVID-19, the rabies virus continues to kill 59,000 people every year. But unlike COVID, a vaccine has existed for more than a century. Vaccinating dogs can stop the spread to humans, but systemic challenges make that easier said that done. In a new study, scientists where grassroots campaigns to stop rabies work — and where they need to be coupled with large-scale efforts.

Relax On A Kenyan Wildlife Safari | Chill, Sleep, Mindfulness | BBC Earth

Go on a relaxing virtual safari in Lewa Wildlife Conservancy, Kenya. Spot African elephants, giraffes, rhinos and lions on the plains.Subscribe: #Relax #Wildlife #SlowTV Watch more:Planet Earth Planet Earth II Dinosaur Welcome to BBC EARTH!…