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Journal of Applied Ecology

It’s not us – it’s you GWCT

By chance, my review paper of Pheasant impacts was published at the same time as a BTO study to which I refer in the British Birds article: Pringle, H., Wilson, M., Calladine, J. & Siriwardena, G.M. (2019). Associations between gamebird…

Songbird Science

Mark ♦ April 27, 2019 ♦ 9 Comments Songbirds and science The following blog is based partly on the witness statement from Wild Justice (passages in red) which was part of the claim issued to the court on 21 March…

Why more ‘hotspots’ aren’t so cool

A new study published today in the Journal of Applied Ecology reports that the number of ecosystem hotspots in Massachusetts has increased over the past decade, with more and more popping up in metro Boston.

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