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Green Party Launches In Turkey, Promises A ‘Green New Deal’

Turkey’s new Green Party will push for a “Green New Deal” that supports carbon taxes and increases the use of renewable energy, the movement tells The Media Line. The party launched on Monday, the International Day of Peace, with 110…


UK risks losing contract for new climate research centre because of Brexit

The UK is at risk of losing the contract for the expansion of a flagship European weather research centre based in Reading because of Brexit. The European Centre for Medium Range Weather Forecasts (ECMWF) has been based in Berkshire for…


Commentary: Senate legislation would slow down global warming – Delaware State News – Delaware State News

By Sen. Tom Carper From the catastrophic wildfires out West, to the more frequent and powerful hurricanes forming in the Atlantic — it’s clear that the climate crisis is here, in every direction we look. In Delaware, the lowest-lying state…

New Zealand Prime Minister Pledges to Reach 100% Renewable Energy Across Nation by 2030

Since Jacinda Ardern became New Zealand’s prime minister in 2017, she’s emerged as one of the world’s climate leaders. Government initiatives over the past few years have included planting 100 million trees a year, banning all future offshore oil exploration, and placing a cap on the use of synthetic nitrogen fertilizer in a bid to protect freshwater […]

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Global warming: Environmental movement resumes protests – The Irish Times

More than 3,500 global protests led by young people including Swedish activist Greta Thunberg took place in 150 countries across the world on Friday to demand scaled-up action to tackle a worsening climate crisis. It was biggest day of international…

Australian Scientists Create Seaweed Supplement for Cows that Reduces Methane Emissions by 80%

An Australian company has produced a seaweed-based dietary supplement for dairy and beef cows that eliminates 80% of the methane content emitted by the animals. If only 10% of global cattle herds consumed the supplement, created by FutureFeed Ltd, it would be the same as taking 50 million cars off the roadways. Trialled for efficacy […]

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Hot Air And The Offshore Wind Industry

For an American working-class ravaged by Covid-19’s economic destruction, the promise of tens of thousands of new, high-paying jobs in the offshore wind industry sounds like welcome news. Sadly, however, the economic benefits of job creation will be more than…


China’s surprise climate pledge leaves Australia ‘naked in the wind’, analysts say

Australia’s resistance to a mid-century net zero emissions target is likely to become increasingly unsustainable after China surprised global leaders by pledging it would reach “carbon neutrality” before 2060, climate analysts and advocates say. The announcement by the Chinese president,…

Letter to Peter Khalil MP on gas lead recovery announcement for Australia

Dear Peter,I hope you and your family are keeping well during these pandemic times. I am occupying myself with a thousands small jobs from the local to the international on climate advocacy. I appreciate your confidence in speaking up in…


Ruthless Greens Are No Joke

France’s Green party, which for decades operated at the shallow end of mainstream politics, caused an earthquake this year by winning control of several of the biggest cities outside Paris, whose own socialist mayor shares many of its aims. Europe Ecologie Les…