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News about Climate Change and our Planet


Scientists detect a black hole swallowing a neutron star

On August 14, gravitational wave detectors in the US and Italy sensed ripples in space-time. Data analysis suggests they came from a black hole engulfing a neutron star, 900 million light-years from Earth. If so … it’s a first-ever detection by earthly scientists.

CBS Fawns Over Greta The Eco-Grouch As She Rebukes The U.S., President

On Tuesday, CBS This Morning was in awe of radical climate change activist Greta Thunberg, hailing the 16-year-old from Sweden as “the voice of the planet” and touting her plan to sail across the Atlantic to attend a United Nations…

Near-Earth asteroid 2006 QV89 not a threat for next century

Observations of the near-Earth asteroid 2006 QV89 made on August 11, 2019 with the Canada-France-Hawaii Telescope (CFHT) have ruled out any potential future impact threat to the Earth by this asteroid for the next century.

Who should enjoy Rome's famed Spanish Steps?

Rome’s famous Spanish Steps are a gorgeous photo opportunity, but weary tourists are no longer welcome to sit on them. Police are now patrolling the 18th-century marble steps, asking people to leave and blowing whistles if they’re sitting too long,…


A new mural in Italy addresses affordable, clean energy

Italian coffee company Lavazza has commissioned artists to paint murals based on sustainability. The latest, by Barcelona-based artist Jorge Rodríguez-Gerada, now graces a building in Turin, Italy. The eye-catching mural addresses the goal of affordable and clean energy.

Maya more warlike than previously thought

What was the role of warfare in Mayan civilization? New evidence from lake sediments around the abandoned city of Witzna indicates that extreme, total warfare was not just an aspect of the late Mayan period, leading to its fall, but a characteristic of intercity rivalry during the peak of Mayan culture.Researchers discovered a thick charcoal layer from a massive, scorched-earth attack on Witzna on May 21, 697 CE (AD).

Heatwaves in southern Europe and climate change woes – South EU Summit

Record temperatures across the entire European continent have many concerned about global warming and the effects of climate change. A 2017 European Environment Agency (EEA) reported that “Southern and south-eastern Europe is projected to be a climate change hotspot as…

Backlash At Prince Harry And Hypocrite Eco-Celebs At Secret Climate Google Camp

A host of A-list celebrities faced an angry backlash today after they traveled to a climate change conference in Italy in a fleet of supercars, expensive yachts, and more than 100 private jets. Guests at the secretive Google Camp were…

Flying shame: Greta Thunberg gave up flights to fight climate change. Should you? –

It was 2007, during a trip to visit her sister in Norway’s pristine Lofoten Islands, when Maja Rosén had an unsettling thought. As she took in the breathtaking archipelago north of the Arctic Circle that is dotted with mountains, carved…