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Floating Solar PV Company Has IPO On Norwegian Stock Market

Ocean Sun, a company out of Norway that is specializing the floating solar PV, is reportedly looking to have a stock market IPO via the Merkur Market, which is a platform for small and medium-sized companies to get onto the Oslo Stock Exchange

The Electric Car Hype Machine Is Just That: Hype

It was the kind of truck the Terminator might drive – at least when he needed extra cash. Sleek, silent, and faintly sinister, the Skynet-esque lorry, filmed speeding through an American desert in 2018, seemed proof of its maker’s technological…

Xpeng Pros & Cons

As I wrote last night (er, early this morning), Xpeng has made the next step in its IPO process by indicating its expected share price at IPO ($11–13) and the fact that it aims to raise $1.1 billion on the high end of that target


India’s 50-year drying period and subsequent reversal — Battle between natural and anthropogenic variability

(Institute of Atmospheric Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences) Increase of greenhouse gas concentrations in the atmosphere generally tends to increase rainfall over India. Up to the year 2000, however, it appeared that the natural variability had been able to override this effect, resulting in the overall decrease. In addition to anthropogenic climate change, rainfall changes in recent decades are also influenced by natural sea surface temperature oscillation over Pacific basin.

Scientists work toward more reliable prediction of South Asian summer monsoon rainfall for the upcoming 15-30 years

(Institute of Atmospheric Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences) A large part of climate change adaptation and mitigation activities is based on prognoses delivered by climate models, so a highly robust and reliable climate prediction is the base of policy decision making. A new research provides a practical way of more reliably projecting near-term South Asian summer monsoon changes.

Air-purifying headphones aim to help urban dwellers breathe easy

Dyson, a company best-known for its innovative line of vacuums and fans, is apparently also interested in providing urbanites with a portable way to filter air pollution. The company recently filed a patent in the UK for a pair of…

Dartmouth professors elected senior members of the National Academy of Inventors

(Thayer School of Engineering at Dartmouth) Two members of Dartmouth College’s faculty have been named to the National Academy of Inventors’ (NAI) 2020 class of Senior Members: Laura Ray, senior associate dean of faculty development and professor of engineering, and Stuart Trembly, associate professor of engineering.