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Paris Climate Regs Could Erase $2.3 Trillion In Company Values

Tighter government climate regulations by 2025 could wipe up to $2.3 trillion off the value of companies in industries ranging from fossil fuel producers to agriculture and carmakers, an investor group warned in a report. Rules aimed at lowering carbon…

JFK Airport Gets NYC’s Largest Solar Energy Project — Progress Toward Paris Climate Commitment

The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey announced that New York City’s single-largest solar energy project, an installation at John F. Kennedy International Airport, has been awarded to SunPower and Goldman Sachs Renewable Power Group. It is also considered the largest planned community solar project at an airport in the United States

Forget the smart home, it's all in the cloud now

Five years ago, when I started writing regularly for MNN, I thought that my focus was going to be on The Internet of Things and the Smart Home. In my first post, What is the smart home? It’s too soon…

Huge climate march in Madrid calls for action from COP25 as world faces climate emergency

Madrid turned out on mass to send a message to the delegates in the UN Climate Change Conference COP25 at Feria de Madrid on Friday night. Organisers estimated 500,000 people. whether this number is accurate is irrelevant, the crowds were…

Tesla Revenue Growing Rapidly, But Critics Can’t Move On

Several months ago, Hamid Shojaee tweeted out a superb chart highlighting both Tesla’s annual revenue growth and summaries of the consistently wrong claims of Tesla critics and skeptics. It was so brilliant that I wanted to write an article about it, but I never got to that. As it turns out, though, the chart is still relevant today

Reduced soil tilling helps both soils and yields

By monitoring crops through machine learning and satellite data, scientists have found farms that till the soil less can increase yields of corn and soybeans and improve the health of the soil — a win-win for meeting growing food needs worldwide.

DOE funds UT Austin engineers for geothermal energy ecosystem

(University of Texas at Austin) The new Geothermal Entrepreneurship Organization (GEO), led by Jamie Beard and Bob Metcalfe from the Cockrell School of Engineering’s Innovation Center brings together engineers, researchers and entrepreneurs to develop technologies and launch companies.


The Left’s Anti-Nuclear Stance Isn’t Helping The Climate Or Planet

Rigor could be restored to mainstream climate journalism with a single clause. That clause consists of the words: “if climate models are accurate.” A United Nations study issued in advance of this week’s climate summit in Madrid would appear in a…

Nikola & Iveco Partner To Bring The Battery Electric Nikola TRE To The EU

Nikola TREThe Nikola Corporation is making a push into the EU with partner trucking company IVECO after the pair showed off the design model of the battery electric version of the Nikola TRE for European customers. Launching the battery electric Nikola TRE gives Nikola a bridge to the hydrogen-powered future the team envisions as the reality of the investment and lead time required for hydrogen to manifest in the global transportation marketplace are realized