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South Korea Says FU To Diesel Cheating While Tesla Model 3 Customers Form Long Lines

South Korea is an interesting case in “Electric Vehicle World.” LG Chem, probably the most notable EV battery company not connected to Tesla, is based there. It seems like LG Chem has battery contracts with every single automaker (it might be more like 60%). SK Innovation and Samsung SDI, medium-sized battery producers, also call Korea home. And then there are Hyundai and Kia, or Hyundai–Kia if you combine them due to their intertwined investment structure. These large automakers have produced highly acclaimed electric vehicles, but they struggle to produce a large number of them — or just don’t care to do so


Are bioplastics better for the environment or a waste of time?

There has been massive pushback against the use of plastics
over the past few years, including single-use plastic bans in cities all over
the world. In response, industrial innovators have responded with a new product
– bioplastics – that seems like the perfect solution. It looks and feels like
plastic, but its made from plants, so it’s good for the environment. Right? Turns out, the answer is much more complicated, and most
likely its just a case of greenwashing. What are bioplastics? Traditional…

Could Tesla Really Get Into The Mining Business?

During Tesla’s most recent shareholder meeting, Elon said the company might get into another line of business — mining. He implied that taking control of the supply chain for the raw minerals used in its batteries might be a necessity as Tesla scales up production and adds more vehicles to its lineup

The Climate Change Crisis Racket

Do Democrats really believe in the climate crisis they have dubbed an “emergency” or is it really just a way to make a quick buck? Beto O’Rourke has suggested spending $5 trillion over the next ten years investing in climate…

Market Forces and Coal

Posted on 19 August 2019 by Riduna Following defeat of the Australian Labor Party in the Federal election a leading Member has suggested that the Party should not rely on the use of Market Forces as the basis for curbing emissions.  This would be a…


Chattanooga becomes first 100% solar-powered airport in US

Tennessee’s fourth largest city, Chatanooga, becomes the
first American airport to be 100 percent solar powered – and joins only a
handful of airports who claim the same across the world.  The $5 million dollar project has been seven
years in the making and was funding by the Federal Aviation Administration. “This is a momentous day for
the Chattanooga Airport as we complete our solar farm and achieve a major
sustainability milestone,” said Terry Hart, president and CEO of the