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Anyone else raising baby chicks in their home?

I have baby chickens in my living room and maybe you do, too. To be clear, this isn’t my first time raising a flock for our little farm in central New York, but the outbreak of COVID-19 in the U.S….

Will we soon see potentially habitable exoplanets more clearly?

Because stars are so much brighter than their planets, we’ve barely begun to glimpse distant exoplanets, or planets orbiting distant stars. Now a new technology promises to provide better imaging of these potentially habitable exoworlds.

Coronavirus Could Slow Efforts to Cut Airlines’ Greenhouse Gas Emissions – The New York Times

The coronavirus outbreak is pushing the world’s airlines toward financial crisis — and that is starting to complicate efforts to tame airlines’ greenhouse gas emissions, which had been growing rapidly in recent years. Even though, in the short term, airlines…

For COP26, Climate Realism Is Better Than Climate Alarmism

Next November the “Parties to the Framework Convention on Climate Change” will meet in Glasgow, Scotland. There, they will hold their 26th conference to discuss how the countries of the world will deal with a perceived global warming “crisis.” This…

World faces ‘decisive decade’ to fix global warming, former UN climate chief says – Climate Home

The 2020s are the decisive decade for the world to avert the worst impacts of climate change in a peaceful revolution that rejects the type of “short-sighted” pro-coal policies embraced by US President Donald Trump, a key architect of the…


FINANCE: Why hedge fund managers say they avoid sustainable investing

Hedge funds, many of which have been slow to adopt environmental and social strategies, are pointing the finger elsewhere. Money managers are faulting inconsistent data and a shortage of expertise, according to a new report.

Build it and they will come

(National Research University Higher School of Economics) Migration, both domestic and abroad, is playing a major role in transforming the world’s largest cities, and Moscow is no exception. Researchers at HSE University, the Institute of Geography of the Russian Academy of Sciences (IGRAN) and Strelka KB identified which cities’ residents are buying newly built apartments in the capital and how economic inequality between Russia’s regions is changing the face of the city.

Warren’s Rx To Fight Pandemics Is To Fight Climate Change

The coronavirus is now a “global health emergency” according to the World Health Organization. Not to worry: Sen. Elizabeth Warren is on the case and she has a plan: fight global warming! For seemingly every problem facing America, real or…