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9 unexpectedly beautiful sea creatures

You’ve likely oohed and ahhed at playful dolphins and majestic blue whales, but when’s the last time you gave a shout-out to the humble snail or mollusk? This summer, a lobsterman in Maine took the Internet by storm (pun intended)…

WPI biologist’s discovery gives evolution clues and may affect drug interaction research

(Worcester Polytechnic Institute) A Nature Communications paper by Worcester Polytechnic Institute biologist Jagan Srinivasan has shown that a key biological component in the communication system of the nematode C. Elegans can be repurposed to take on a different job,. This critical finding about the workings of evolution could one day affect research into drug interactions, agricultural bio-engineering, and a better understanding of genetic inheritance through multiple generations.

China Is Leading The World To An Electric Future: Four Takeaways From My Recent Visit

You don’t have to look far to see that China is leading the world’s electric car revolution. I had the unique opportunity to witness this first-hand while visiting China this past June to attend the first annual Energy Internet Innovation and Entrepreneurship Summit (EIIES) in Chengdu, China