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Husky turned away for her 'weird' eyes gets a new home — and a big hug from the internet

About two years ago, a breeder in New Jersey brought a husky to a rescue group, saying he wasn’t able to sell her because she was “weird” looking. The dog — named Jubilee — had an eyelid condition that made…

For this stray dog, there's no place like Subway

[embedded content] Subway’s most loyal customer has four paws and appreciates a meal when she can get one. Every day for the past year, “Subway Sally” has strolled up to the sandwich chain’s location in Portales, New Mexico, looking for…

Transformational innovation needed to reach global forest restoration goals

(University of Maryland Baltimore County) New research finds that global South countries have pledged the largest areas of land to forest restoration, and are also farthest behind in meeting their targets due to challenging factors such as population growth, corruption, and deforestation. ‘We’ve identified countries that need help, not failures,’ says UMBC’s Matt Fagan. With the right kind of international support — that listens to locals and generates creative solutions — communities can implement policy that will make positive change.

The best skywatching moments of January

The year 2020 is expected to provide an amazing array of skywatching opportunities, as MNN’s Michael d’Estries made clear. Nearly every night of the year, the sky provides a celestial spectacle worth staying up for, but it helps to focus…

Tesla Cybertruck vs. Garage … Dutch EV Sales Explosion … 2012 Model S Still Beats New Non-Tesla EVs — Top 20 CleanTechnica Stories of December

The Tesla Cybertruck may be “old news” by now (ah, the not-so-endearing ADD of the internet), but a piece of ours explaining why it doesn’t really need a garage was still king of the hill last month. Tesla took silver too, with a story explaining that the 2012 Tesla Model S still has superior specs to new 2020 EV entrants from other companies than Tesla. In third was a piece on world-leading research from our friend Mark Z. Jacobson and several colleagues on how the world could be a galaxy-leading 100% renewable energy planet!

​How the smartphone changed our cities and our lives in the last decade

Urban planner Brent Toderian recently tweeted: QUESTION: As we approach the end of not only the year, but the DECADE, what do you think is the most important change, trend or new thing that has changed our cities, for the…

NSW and SA fires live: volunteer firefighters call for support as Australia’s bushfires crisis continues – latest

Morrison responds to ‘Not my prime minister’ Prime minister Scott Morrison has responded to Jacqui, the woman from the RFS operations centre in Mudgee yesterday, who responded to being introduced to the PM yesterday by saying “he’s not my prime…