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House Dems Try To Link Natural Disasters To Climate Change In Hearing

CCD Editor’s Note: Yesterday, the House Oversight and Reform Environmental Subcommittee held a Hearing on Recovery, Resilience, and Readiness – Contending with Natural Disasters in the Wake of Climate Change. It’s fascinating to watch Michael ‘Hockey Stick’ Mann try to…


COAL: Industry gets $64B lifeline from G-20 governments

Asian governments are stepping up their support for coal-fired power plants, handing a lifeline worth $64 billion a year to an industry struggling to maintain investment from private investors.


Why I’m climate striking against Fox News on Friday | Alexandria Villaseñor

This past Saturday, I was among hundreds of activists with the group Extinction Rebellion NYC who protested outside the New York Times headquarters in midtown Manhattan to demand better coverage of the climate crisis. Protesters lay down on Eighth Avenue,…

Undercounting of agroforestry skews climate change mitigation planning and reporting

(University of Vermont) Scientists expose the lack of measurement of and reporting on agroforestry in international climate agreements. This has strong implications for accounting for both how much carbon IS being sequestered and how much COULD BE sequestered, given national planning and potential climate finance.

Climate Alarmists Meltdown Over Glacier National Park (Except When They’re Growing)

A blog published earlier this month by Roger Roots, an attorney, reveals overheated desperation of a different sort than we tend to hear about in the mainstream media. Titled “Glacier National Park Quietly Removes Its ‘Gone by 2020′ Signs,” Roots’ describes…

Everything you want to know about Lyme disease

You may want to be a bit more wary when walking in the woods this summer. The rate of Lyme disease cases have been climbing in the last two decades, but you can’t allow the terror of ticks to keep…

Huge freshwater aquifer found under the ocean

Scientists have found a giant aquifer under the Northeastern U.S., estimated to hold at least 670 cubic miles of freshwater. If it was on the surface, they say, it would create a lake spanning 15,000 square miles, which is twice…