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Guest blog – Dewilding Basingstoke by Paul Sterry

Dewilding Basingstoke One thing leads to another. This all harks back to the saga of Basingstoke’s beleaguered Common Toads, a story that not only continues but also evolves. So as summer approaches, and all those young toadlets leave their breeding…

Scientists challenge notion of binary sexuality with naming of new plant species

(Pensoft Publishers) A collaborative team of scientists from the US and Australia has named a new plant species from the remote Outback. Bucknell University biology postdoctoral fellow Angela McDonnell and professor Chris Martine led the description of the plant that had confounded field biologists for decades because of the unusual fluidity of its flower form. The discovery, published in the open-access journal PhytoKeys, offers a powerful example of the diversity of sexual forms found among plants.

Ocean advocates are increasingly concerned about climate change

Posted on 17 June 2019 by Guest Author This is a re-post from Yale Climate Connections by Daisy Simmons SACRAMENTO, Calif. – The world’s oceans are deeply affected by climate change – and vice versa. But until recent years, ocean advocates…

Why do people always say they feel younger than they are?

A few years ago, when the leading edge baby boomers were turning 65, I proposed to the big company that owned the website I worked for at the time, that we build a new site aimed at the boomer crowd….


5 Innovative Energy Storage Solutions of Tomorrow

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These days, it seems like all anyone can talk about is climate change, and with good reason. We recently got word that we don’t have long to turn the environment around before we’re all doomed. And at the center of the climate change conversation is the idea of renewable energy. In the mission to cut […]

The post 5 Innovative Energy Storage Solutions of Tomorrow appeared first on Earthava.