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Menopausal Mother Nature

News about Climate Change and our Planet


Climate change buzzwords are the ‘in’ thing, but do they really make a difference? – Deccan Herald

Governments are committing to net zero. Sustainable products are being sold to you on Instagram. Banks are pushing ESGs. As climate change gets worse, it seems like everyone wants you to know that they’re doing something about it. But what…

Why we can’t curb global warming by just focusing on carbon emissions – Firstpost

A developing country using coal to pursue the path of development is justifiable and should not be equated with the West’s high carbon emission model just to maintain its luxurious lifestyle A toxic haze has enveloped Delhi ever since Diwali…

Rare Canadian Cat Has Thumbs Making His Paws Look Like Cute Mittens

Meet Teddy, the adorable polydactyl cat who was born with extra toes that make his front paws look, like human hands. Three-year-old domestic shorthair Teddy is a polydactyl, which means he has extra toes on his hind feet and two thumbs which makes his front paws look like mittens. Teddy, who lives with his owner […]

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Neal Stephenson on his new geoengineering climate change thriller and coining the term ‘metaverse’ – CNBC

Neal Stephenson Source: Mercatus Center at George Mason University Author Neal Stephenson shot to fame almost 30 years ago with the science-fiction novel “Snow Crash,” which envisioned a future dominated by mega-corporations and organized crime, competing for dominance in both…

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