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News about Climate Change and our Planet


Everything to know about the Mars 2020 rover

First announced in December 2012, the Mars 2020 rover will finally leave Earth later this summer and travel more than 35 million miles to its new home. Once on the surface, this car-sized science lab (10 feet x 9 feet…

Astronomers award 2020 Education Prize to Deborah Byrd

Byrd received the prize from the American Astronomical Society, the largest organization of U.S. astronomers. The prizes are given for outstanding achievements in scientific research, education, scholarly writing, and service to the astronomical community.


Jonathan Safran Foer: ‘Why don’t Extinction Rebellion issue specific ideas? They are awfully vague’

There have been many proposed solutions to the climate crisis – from outright bans on fossil fuels to planting 2 billion trees – but Jonathan Safran Foer’s antidote to global devastation strikes me as the neatest and most achievable. It…

When is store-bought better than homemade?

Cooking a meal from scratch can be a truly rewarding experience. It can also make you want to toss up your hands in despair, throw the uncooperative dough in the trash (for the third time) and go get take-out instead….

New assessment of gas locked in ice in European waters

(University of Southampton) A study led by the University of Southampton has mapped several sites in Europe containing gas hydrate – a relatively clean fuel which could help bridge the gap between fossil fuels and renewables.

Study: Humanity’s footprint is squashing world’s wildlife

(Wildlife Conservation Society) Using the most comprehensive dataset on the ‘human footprint,’ which maps the accumulated impact of human activities on the land’s surface, researchers from WCS, University of Queensland, and other groups found intense human pressures across the range of a staggering 20,529 terrestrial vertebrate species.


Lethal algae blooms – an ecosystem out of balance

On 3 August 2014, residents of Toledo, Ohio, woke to the news that overnight their water supply had become toxic. They were advised not only to avoid drinking the water, but also touching it – no showers, no baths, not…

Michael Viney: Climate change an existential threat to civilisation, scientists say – The Irish Times

It is, quite preposterously, 2020, far further into my future than I ever expected to get. I should have prepared something appropriate for such a portentous date, but the important things have been said already already, day after day, not…