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Radical Green Groups Petition Govt. Agencies To Undermine Legal Hunting

Radical environmentalist groups that actively back Democrats have hunting in their crosshairs. And unsurprisingly, they’re exploiting the COVID-19 pandemic to target this pastime. The Center for Biological Diversity and Natural Resources Defense Council, two organizations who’ve made suing the government…

Climate change brings wide range of insidious damage to global health – The Irish Times

Between severe flooding in Belgium and Germany and extensive wildfires in the western US and Canada, the last six weeks have been a dramatic reminder of the perils of global warming. The floods in Germany killed almost 200 people, while…

New study says global warming could kill 83M people by the end of the century | TheHill – The Hill

A new study estimates climate change would cause 83 million excess deaths globally by the end of the century due to rising temperatures caused by greenhouse gas emissions.  The study published Thursday in the journal Nature Communications coined the term…

Blocking how the malaria parasite suppresses the immune response

(Ohio State University) The parasites that cause severe malaria are well-known for the sinister ways they infect humans, but new research may lead to drugs that could block one of their most reliable weapons: interference with the immune response.

This 5,000-year-old man had the earliest known strain of plague

(Cell Press) The oldest strain of Yersinia pestis — the bacteria behind the plague that caused the Black Death, which may have killed as much as half of Europe’s population in the 1300s — has been found in the remains of a 5,000-year-old hunter-gatherer. A genetic analysis publishing June 29 in the journal Cell Reports reveals that this ancient strain was likely less contagious and not as deadly as its medieval version.


Wellcome photography prize 2021 shortlist: health challenges – in pictures

This year the Wellcome photography prize is exploring the human side of three urgent health challenges that affect people of all ages, in all parts of the world – although they are not felt equally: managing mental health, fighting infectious…

The Lifestyle of This Amazonian Tribe May Hold a Key to Healthy Aging

Although people in industrialized nations have access to modern medical care, they are more sedentary and eat a diet high in saturated fats. In contrast, the Tsimane have little or no access to health care but are extremely physically active and consume a high-fiber diet that includes vegetables, fish, and lean meat. “The Tsimane have […]

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Global Warming: A growing concern to all of us – Rising Kashmir

Global warming will impact life on Earth in many ways, but the extent of the change is largely up to us   DAR ZAHID HUSSAIN Global warming is the unusually rapid increase in Earth’s average surface temperature over the past…

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