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News about Climate Change and our Planet


The huge carbon footprint of cement (and what we can do about it)

When you manufacture cement, you heat up limestone and other clay-like materials to an astounding 2,552 degrees Fahrenheit (1,400 Celsius). Creating temperatures that high requires an awful lot of energy and (usually) a large amount of fossil fuels. Not only…


Sustainably-sourced sunglasses built to last a lifetime rather than a season

Living a sustainable lifestyle is about more than backyard composting and prolific use of Mason jars in lieu of plastic. To truly reach any level of sustainability we need to be aware of every purchase we make including how the product was made and even the packaging used. Although our conscientious purchasing decisions carry weight, corporate responsibility is where the real change will occur. <!–more→ Just Human feels the burden of that responsibility and has decided to do something…


COAL: Industry gets $64B lifeline from G-20 governments

Asian governments are stepping up their support for coal-fired power plants, handing a lifeline worth $64 billion a year to an industry struggling to maintain investment from private investors.

Scientists Suggest Turning Methane Into Carbon Dioxide Could Reduce Global Warming – Forbes

A group of climate researchers from Stanford University have proposed that an effort to turn one of the worst greenhouse gases, methane, into carbon dioxide – not the worst greenhouse, but much more abundant – could still work out positive for the…