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News about Climate Change and our Planet


Carmichael coal mine threatens irreversible damage to Doongmabulla Springs and local ecology says new study

Doongmabulla Springs threatened by Carmichael mine New hydrology research from Flinders and Darwin Universities highlights the Bravus (formerly Adani) Carmichael Coal mine being develeped in the Galilee Basin of Central Queensland may permanently damage the Doongmabulla Springs and the acquifer water…

Global Warming Commission Says it’s Time to Put Oregon’s Forests to Work Fighting Climate Change – Oregon WildBlog

It’s no secret that Oregon needs to do a better job of stewarding it’s amazing wildlands and waters — this is especially true for its forests. While the overall forest area has remained relatively steady in our state, the same…

Clean, healthy and sustainable environment now designated a human right by UN Human Rights Council

The UN Human Rights Council at its 48th session recognised, for the first time, that having a clean, healthy and sustainable environment is a human right. The Human Rights Council also established the position of Special Rapporteur on Climate Change….

With a Warming Climate, Coastal Fog Around the World Is Declining – InsideClimate News

Fog is a defining element of summer in Santa Cruz, obscuring the view of day trippers descending the hills to the coast and prompting kids to bundle up to hop on their bikes for summer adventures. Its fingerprints are visible…

Warming Trends: A Delay in Autumn Leaves, More Bad News for Corals and the Vicious Cycle of War and Eco-Des… – InsideClimate News

SCIENCE The Terrible Link Between Conflict and Environmental Assault War and ecological degradation often go hand in hand and, after 20 years of unrelenting conflict, Afghanistan faces the most dire ecological threats of any country, according to a new report. …

Australia Returns Huge Daintree Rainforest to its Aboriginal Owners, Bordering Great Barrier Reef

Over 600 square-miles of ancient rainforest with rivers, waterfalls, gorges and white sandy beaches was handed back to the traditional people who had lived here for generations. The historic announcement last week came from officials in Queensland, Australia, who transferred management of the world-famous Daintree National Park to the Eastern Kuku Yalanji people, who are […]

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How Do We Solve Climate Change? Abolish Fossil Fuels – Business Insider

Our climate change goals are way too small for the severity of the crisis. Calling for the complete end of fossil fuel extraction is the only way forward. Other movements have proven that bold calls for abolition can radically change…

New York is finally getting serious on climate change | Opinion – The Journal News

The news about the effects of global warming comes in almost daily now — from the  UN Secretary General warning the world is on a “catastrophic pathway” with rising temperatures, a report from the World Bank predicting that 216 million people…

Mental health could be the next casualty of global warming – The Japan Times

One evening in July, Stephanie Felts was lying in bed trying to process simultaneous climate disasters all over the world. From a crushing Canadian heatwave to U.S. wildfires and flooding in China, the drumbeat triggered memories of a close call…

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