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News about Climate Change and our Planet


Spend 3 Weeks at a Luxury Hotel as Their Photographer Chasing Northern Lights

A hotel in Iceland is calling all photographers for a three-week paid vacation to capture images of this year’s northern lights, as if such work needed a reward. Seeking a professional “Lights-catcher,” the luxurious Hotel Rangá is hosting open applications to any capable and established photographers to stay at their location on the south coast […]

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The Best Way to Tax Carbon at the Border – Scientific American

As more world leaders consider levying border taxes on climate-damaging goods, a new study looks at ways it can be done in countries—including the United States—that haven’t established a domestic market for carbon emissions. The findings are timely. European Union…

Letter to the editor: More remote work, less meat could slow global warming – The Winchester Star

More remote work, less meat could slow global warming As global warming creates hazardous weather conditions around a world that has not yet recovered from the Covid pandemic, there are a few things we can do right now to make…

Climate change has raised tricky questions over policy responses – Mint

From a heatwave in the Arctic region to devastating floods in many countries, the threat of climate change is now stark. Some new urgency can be seen in an official statement released by G20 environment ministers last weekend. It said…

France Passes Climate Law, but Critics Say It Falls Short – The New York Times

PARIS — France passed a wide-ranging law to tackle climate change on Tuesday, creating a raft of bans, incentives and quotas on transportation, housing and consumption that are meant to lower greenhouse gas emissions and cut waste, despite criticism from…

Unsustainable Arctic shipping risks accelerating damage to the Arctic environment

(University College London) The economic and environmental pros and cons of melting Arctic ice creating shorter shipping routes through the polar region are weighed up in ground-breaking research from UCL experts in energy and transport.They conclude that policy makers must properly assess the environmental trade-offs and costs in addition to the commercial benefits and opportunities in Arctic shipping. The authors also want to see more incentives to drive technological developments that will accelerate the uptake of green fuels and technologies.

Opinion | Joe Biden’s Monumental Environmental Gambit – The New York Times

It is hard to overstate the joy of the environmental community when Joe Biden ascended to the White House. In place of a man who called climate change a hoax, it got someone who saw global warming for the grave…

‘No One is Safe’: How The Heatwave Has Battered the Wealthy World – The New York Times

And even though it will take extensive scientific analysis to link climate change to last week’s cataclysmic floods in Europe, a warmer atmosphere holds more moisture and is already causing heavier rainfall in many storms around the world. There is…

Chula Successfully Converts Carbon Dioxide to Methanol – Reduces Global Warming, and Adds Value to the Circular Economy – Newswise

Newswise — An Engineering professor, Chulalongkorn University has successfully converted carbon dioxide to methanol via a thermochemical method that consumes less energy and provides more yield, providing an alternative solution to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and stimulate the circular economy….

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