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Democrats’ Energy Policies Hurt Black Americans The Most

Both Democrat presidential candidates, Joe Biden and Sen. Bernie Sanders, have bowed to the demands of progressive activists by adopting extreme green energy policies that hurt black American voters. As a result, leaders of normally progressive/liberal civil rights organizations are…

When warblers warn of cowbirds, blackbirds get the message

(University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, News Bureau) This is the story of three bird species and how they interact. The brown-headed cowbird lays its eggs in other birds’ nests and lets them raise its young — often at the expense of the host’s nestlings. To combat this threat, yellow warblers have developed a special ‘seet’ call that means, ‘Look out! Cowbird!’ In a new study, researchers report that red-winged blackbirds respond to the seet call as if they know what it means.


Biophysics: Lifting the lid on beta-barrels

The interaction between biotin and streptavidin is a well-established experimental tool in bionanotechnology. Physicists have now shown that the mechanical stability of the complex is dependent on the precise geometry of the interface.

Activist Judge Orders Review Of Pipeline Moving Oil For 3 Years

A judge with United States District Court for the District of Columbia ordered a review and could bring operations to a halt of a pipeline in North Dakota that has been successfully operating for the past three years since President…

COVID-19 Could Affect Cities For Years. Here Are 4 Ways They’re Coping Now.

Image of a particular district NYC cynthia shahanWaling to Subway. NYC cynthia shahanThe COVID-19 pandemic is laying bare two unavoidable facts about our new reality: we are more interconnected than ever, and cities are at the front lines of this crisis and will be at the front lines of any similarly globalized crisis in the future

Homeless pets need your help as coronavirus closes shelters

There are so many obvious victims of the COVID-19 pandemic, but there are plenty that aren’t as apparent. Animal shelters and rescues are among those impacted but the coronavirus. As more people across the United States are being told to…

New satellite-based algorithm pinpoints crop water use

(University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Institute for Sustainability, Energy, and Environment) The growing threat of drought and rising water demand have made accurate forecasts of crop water use critical for farmland water management and sustainability. But limitations in existing models and satellite data pose challenges for precise estimates of evapotranspiration — a combination of evaporation from soil and transpiration from plants. A new high-resolution mapping framework called BESS-STAIR can provide accurate, high-resolution information on a daily basis, for farmers around the globe.

UTEP engineering professor awarded $550K to help NASA develop early stage innovations

(University of Texas at El Paso) A mechanical engineering professor from The University of Texas at El Paso will lend his expertise to early-stage space exploration technology research through a $550,000 grant from NASA to investigate the viability of power sources in the extreme temperatures of space.

Understanding how monomer sequence affects conductance in ‘molecular wires’

(Beckman Institute for Advanced Science and Technology) A new study from the Schroeder and Moore groups at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign provides an unprecedented look at how monomer sequence affects charge transport in precisely defined chain molecules.