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News about Climate Change and our Planet

Ice Age

No ‘eureka moment’: the evolution of climate science – FRANCE 24

Advertising Read more Paris (AFP) What if Earth’s atmosphere was infused with extra carbon dioxide, mused amateur scientist Eunice Foote in an 1856 research paper that concluded the gas was very good at absorbing heat. “An atmosphere of that gas…

Capturing Climate Change – IEEE Spectrum

This is part of IEEE Spectrum’s special report: Critical Challenges 2002: Technology Takes On The government of Tuvalu, a Pacific Island nation, made a plea last summer for countries to take in Tuvalu evacuees, fearing a rising sea level will…

Climatologist Warns ‘Next 20-30 Years Will Be Cold’; Sun Much Less Active

Climate scientist Dr. Willie Soon has urged his fellow academics to pay closer attention to the sun’s activity, which suggests several decades of global cooling rather than warming. Speaking this week with Alex Newman of the New American, Soon, a…

Worried They’ll Be Called ‘Climate Deniers’, Some Republicans Are Dancing With Dems

There is a new animal in Congress. It’s called the Conservative Climate Caucus (CCS). It exists because some Republicans can’t resist muddying the waters when it comes to making energy more expensive. Rep. John Curtis, the former Democratic mayor of…

Using archeology to better understand climate change – EurekAlert

Throughout history, people of different cultures and stages of evolution have found ways to adapt, with varying success, to the gradual warming of the environment they live in. But can the past inform the future, now that climate change is…

Chris Freind: Scorching temps heat up climate change debate – Daily Local News

Pop quiz: What is the relevance of the following? 108. 116. 121. 130. If you guessed number of free throws Ben Simmons missed in the playoffs, or how many seasons it’ll take the Sixers to make the Finals, nice try….

Human environmental genome recovered in the absence of skeletal remains

(University of Vienna) Ancient sediments from caves have already proven to preserve DNA for thousands of years. The amount of recovered sequences from environmental sediments, however, is generally low, which difficults the analyses to be performed with these sequences. A study led by Ron Pinhasi and Pere Gelabert of the University of Vienna and published in Current Biology successfully retrieved three mammalian environmental genomes from a single soil sample of 25,000 years bp obtained from the cave of Satsurblia in the Caucasus (Georgia).

Climate Change Is Driving Jarring Changes at Yellowstone National Park – Mother Jones – Mother Jones

Old Faithful at sunset. As water reserves decline, the geyser is expected to erupt less frequently.Neal Herbert/National Park Service Let our journalists help you make sense of the noise: Subscribe to the Mother Jones Daily newsletter and get a recap…

Eruption of the Laacher See volcano redated

(Johannes Gutenberg Universitaet Mainz) The eruption of the Laacher See volcano in the Eifel in Germany is one of Central Europe’s largest eruptions over the past 100,000 years. Technical advances in combination with tree remains buried in the course of the eruption now enabled an international research team to accurately date the event. Accordingly, the eruption of the Laacher See volcano occurred 13,077 years ago and thus 126 years earlier than previously assumed.

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