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USA’s Battery500 Initiative Has Achieved Li-Metal Battery Energy Density Of 350 Wh/kg

Toward the end of President Obama’s time in office, the US Department of Energy (DOE) launched a “Battery500 Consortium.” The goal is in the name: reaching 500 Wh/kg battery energy density with lithium-metal battery cells, a target which was reportedly triple the battery energy density at the time

10 women who made automotive history

From record-breaking races to inspirational innovation, women have been an invaluable force in the automotive industry since its inception. As we recognize Women’s History Month in March, here are 10 women whose contributions to the car world have earned them…

Tropical Forests, a Key Weapon Against Global Warming, Are Losing Their Ability to Absorb Carbon Dioxide, Research Shows – The Weather Channel

Trees absorb carbon dioxide, the main contributor to global warming. Carbon absorption from tropical forests peaked in the 1990s. Researchers predict the forests could become a source of carbon dioxide by the next decade. Tropical forests in the Amazon and…


ELECTRIC VEHICLES: IBM announces battery breakthrough

IBM is developing a safer, more powerful electric battery that promises to reduce the charging time for electric vehicles and may enhance the possibility of electric aircraft, the company announced yesterday.

My Car Expenses The 15 Years Before Tesla

I’ve had an obsession with financial software for some time, something that I probably inherited from my father. I remember when we got our first Apple II in 1978 and he used it for investments and budgeting. When he moved to an IBM PC (which I bought for him at a discount since I was an IBM employee from 1984 to 1998), he fell in love with Managing Your Money. I moved to Quicken in the mid 1990s. I’m trying to spend less time tracking my finances and more time writing, so I’m moving to more cloud-based methods of tracking my finances. But I noticed that I had 15 years of data on my auto spending available as part of this obsession. I didn’t have it easily tied to my 7 cars, but don’t think of this as a review of any car, but as a general survey of the fuel, maintenance, and repair cost for 7 cars over about 400,000 miles


Guest Post: How you can help fight global warming – The Colorado Independent

Illustration credit: Mark Castillo with graphic elements from This is about our own lives and the future of everyone and everything we care about. When I was in Washington, DC in June I witnessed a heartbreaking presentation by a…


The 2019 GreenBiz 30 Under 30

They work in technology and tires, finance and forestry, retail and recovery operations. They hail from Tokyo and Toronto, London and Lima, Mexico and Manhattan. Meet this year’s honorees.