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News about Climate Change and our Planet


Climate resilience: Is the UK ready for the impacts of global warming? – Carbon Brief

Every area of UK society will feel the effects of climate change and, as global emissions continue to rise, preparing for life in a warmer world is crucial. This is the focus of the UK Climate Resilience Programme, which is…

Scientists warn of ‘phosphogeddon’ as critical fertiliser shortages loom

Our planet faces “phosphogeddon”, scientists have warned. They fear our misuse of phosphorus could lead to deadly shortages of fertilisers that would disrupt global food production. At the same time, phosphate fertiliser washed from fields – together with sewage inputs…

Watch How Continents Moved Over 100 Million Years in Video – Mapped by Scientists as Never Before

The last 100 years of continental movement have recently been calculated by scientists and illustrated in a 23-second video, down to an astonishing 10-kilometer resolution. The short .gif explains so much of how our world came to be in such a short time span, most notably how Africa has changed over time. There are certain […]

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Climate change is making flooding worse – The Hindu

Heavy rainfall turned into dangerous flooding in rugged Appalachia in late July, sweeping away homes and killing more than three dozen people. The destruction followed flooding a few weeks earlier in the mountains of Virginia and Tennessee. In June, flooding…

Penn State Ice and Climate Research Center aims to understand … – Medill Reports: Chicago

By Chelsea Zhao, Dilpreet Raju and Ilana WolchinskyMedill Reports As the Earth warms, researchers at the Ice and Climate Exploration Research Center (PSICE) at Pennsylvania State University are interested in how we can expect glaciers, those dense bodies of ice…

Do Volcanoes Have Anything to do with Climate Change? – News @ Northeastern – Northeastern University

The eruption of Mauna Loa for the first time in 40 years on the Big Island of Hawaii follows a summer and fall that saw record-high temperatures around the world. Is there a connection between climate change and volcanic eruptions?…

97% Consensus? Survey Shows Only 59% Of Scientists Expect Climate Doom

A new poll of scientists conducted by Fairleigh Dickinson University found that only 59 percent of respondents think global climate change will cause “significant harm” to the “living conditions for people alive today.” That is far short of the “97…

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