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How China fits into global climate change – GZERO Media

Want to tackle climate change? If so you’ll have to reach out to China, which is currently responsible for over a quarter of global carbon dioxide emissions. Beijing will certainly take your call, as climate is a huge priority for…

Chemical fingerprint reveals a migrating exoplanet

The chemical fingerprint of exoplanet HD 209458b’s atmosphere reveals as many as 6 molecules and that it has migrated inwards from its birthplace much farther out in its star system.

Climate Change Will Linger After Carbon Emissions Fall – NPR

Earth’s atmosphere photographed from the International Space Station. Greenhouse gases have accumulated rapidly and are trapping extra heat in the atmosphere. It will take decades for the gases to break down naturally or be reabsorbed on Earth’s surface. Expedition 28…

Picosecond electron transfer in peptides can help energy technologies

(University of California – Riverside) An international team of researchers led by UC Riverside has observed picosecond charge transfer mediated by hydrogen bonds in peptides. A picosecond is one trillionth of a second. As short-chain analogs of proteins, crucially important building blocks of living organisms, peptides are chains of chemically linked amino acids. The discovery shows the role of hydrogen bonds in electron transfer.

Possible life signs in the clouds of Venus

A new analysis of data from the 1978 Pioneer Venus mission, by researchers at Cal Poly Pomona, finds evidence not only for phosphine, but also possible chemical disequilibrium in Venus’ atmosphere, an additional possible sign of biological activity.

Community Panel recommends 21 actions for EV transition for Victoria to reduce Transport Emissions

Community Panel for Infrastructure Victoria on Transport Emissions. I was on this panel which had 211 Victorians (most age groups, Metro and Regional) and met online during late January to mid February 2021. The ‘Tackling Transport Emissions’ Community Panel successfully…

Biden’s $2 Trillion Infrastructure Plan Is A Disaster For Unions

Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me. At what point do labor unions finally figure out that the Democrat Party is not their friend, that modern Democrats are anti-capitalist, anti-working class socialists of at least…

Startup Raises $9 Million for its New Method to Recycle CO2 into Protein-Rich Animal Feed

An agriculture feed startup has received $9.4 million in initial funding for its technology that produces pure protein from CO2. The protein would come from carbon dioxide generated by industrial exhaust, and would be combined with hydrogen to create scalable, cheap animal feed to replace soybeans—a major feed crop linked heavily with deforestation. Deep Branch […]

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