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News about Climate Change and our Planet



We now have the proof: greening the economy doesn’t come at the price of prosperity

Everest is once again visible from Kathmandu, after decades shrouded in pollution. Greenhouse gas emissions have fallen to levels last seen in 2006. Nature has returned to our streets with a quack and a flurry, and people are waking to…

Why Is The Australian Govt Leaving A Carbon-Tax Back Door Open?

As part of the ABC’s climate conspiracy agenda, Four Corners this week highlighted the “anger” at the government from the senior mandarins from its failure to deliver their goal of a carbon tax. Their preferred approach was notwithstanding the tax…

Global warming making storms violent: Experts – The Tribune India

New Delhi, May 19 Experts are linking an increased activity in the Indian Ocean and Amphan’s extreme intensity to global warming and abnormally warm sea surface temperatures (SSTs). “Global warming is making these cyclones more and more powerful by heating…

Here’s how SOHO and a skywatcher discovered comet SWAN

Almost every day, the SWAN instrument aboard the sun-watching SOHO spacecraft makes a map of the sky. Anyone with internet access can view the maps and join the search for new comets. To date, 12 comets have been spotted in the SWAN data!

Will you see Comet SWAN?

Another comet – Comet SWAN – is creating a buzz. There’ve been some amazing long-exposure photos of it. Will you be able to see it? Maybe, but conditions are challenging. Charts and more here.

Why the search for life on other planets depends on hydrogen

Right now, there are more than 4,000 known exoplanets and plenty of other possible planets that need to be assessed. While we’re not going to put human boots on the ground on all these worlds to search for alien life,…