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This white dwarf star has a giant, evaporating planet

White dwarf stars are typically more or less Earth-sized. The planet orbiting white dwarf WDJ0914+1914 appears to be at least twice as big as its star! High intensity radiation from its star is causing this planet to evaporate. Will the same thing happen in our solar system someday?

Scientists find mysterious galaxies that don't have any dark matter

True to its name, dark matter has long been one of the universe’s biggest mysteries. It is, after all, invisible, emitting no light whatsoever. And yet, we know it exists by the gravitational strings it pulls. Stars, literally, dance to…

How plants harness ‘bad’ molecules for good ends

Researchers show how plants harness toxic molecules called reactive oxygen species for the signaling pathway that gives rise to roots. Identifying the complex molecular interactions that regulate root growth could lead to more productive crops with roots optimized for different soil types.

The benefits of using natural hair dyes

If you need to lighten or bleach your hair, there’s no chemical-free way to do it, though plenty of sun exposure should help. But if you want to change or enrich your hair color and cover those grays, there are…

Inside ITER — the giant fusion reactor

(Springer) Most of the energy we consume is provided by fossil fuels like oil, natural gas and coal, which are major contributors to our current climate crisis. As the demand for energy continues to grow in almost every country in the world, we urgently need to find new power sources that are safe and environmentally friendly. Could hydrogen fusion be the answer?

Nikola & Iveco Partner To Bring The Battery Electric Nikola TRE To The EU

Nikola TREThe Nikola Corporation is making a push into the EU with partner trucking company IVECO after the pair showed off the design model of the battery electric version of the Nikola TRE for European customers. Launching the battery electric Nikola TRE gives Nikola a bridge to the hydrogen-powered future the team envisions as the reality of the investment and lead time required for hydrogen to manifest in the global transportation marketplace are realized

The impact of molecular rotation on a peculiar isotope effect on water hydrogen bonds

(National Institutes of Natural Sciences) Quantum nature of hydrogen bonds in water manifests itself in peculiar physicochemical isotope effects: while deuteration often elongates and weakens hydrogen bonds of typical hydrogen-bonded systems composed of bulky constituent molecules, it elongates but strengthens hydrogen bonds of water molecular aggregates. The origin of this unique isotope effect of water molecules remains to be elucidated at the molecular level. A recent experimental study on the sublimation of isotope-mixed water ice has tackled this issue.