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News about Climate Change and our Planet


The portent of runaway greenhouse warming

by Andrew GliksonEarth and climate scientistAustralian National University Carbon, the essential element underpinning photosynthesis and life, is transformed into toxic substances in the remnants of plants and organisms buried in sediments. Once released to the atmosphere in the form of…

2020 El Nino could start 18 degree temperature rise

[ click on image to enlarge ] Above image shows a blue long-term trend, based on NASA LOTI 1880-Oct.2019 data, 0.78°C adjusted to reflect ocean air temperatures (as opposed to sea surface temperatures), to reflect a higher polar anomaly (as…

IPCC Report Ocean and Cryosphere in a Changing Climate

The IPCC has issued another special report: The Ocean and Cryosphere in a Changing Climate. How much carbon is there in the Arctic? [ click on images to enlarge ] How much carbon is present in the northern circumpolar permafrost…

Where does Mars’ methane come from? Not wind

On Earth, methane gas is often associated with microbial life. Scientists find methane in Mars’ atmosphere, too. Could it be life-related? We still don’t know, but a new study shows wind erosion is likely not the cause.

Arctic Sea Ice Gone By September 2019?

Arctic sea ice minimum extent typically occurs about half September. In 2012, minimum extent was reached on September 17, 2012, when extent was 3.387 million km². On July 28, 2019, Arctic sea ice extent was 6.576 million km². How much…

UT study shows how to produce natural gas while storing carbon dioxide

(University of Texas at Austin) New research at The University of Texas at Austin shows that injecting air and carbon dioxide into methane ice deposits buried beneath the Gulf of Mexico could unlock vast natural gas energy resources while helping fight climate change by trapping the carbon dioxide underground.

When Will We Die?

When will we die? The outlook for people living now is that they will die before the end of the century. After all, even in more developed regions, people statistically die at an age below 75 years, as the image…

Climate Plan

What we’re witnessing is more than a climate crisis, we’re facing climate catastrophe and the outlook is grim. We’re already in the Sixth Mass Extinction event and we’re facing a potential global temperature rise of 18°C or 32.4°F by 2026….

New evidence for Pluto’s subsurface ocean

Does Pluto have an ocean? That idea seems preposterous at first, but a new study adds to the growing evidence for a subsurface ocean on this distant dwarf planet … and explains how it stays liquid.