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Menopausal Mother Nature

News about Climate Change and our Planet


Climate change, hurricanes, and their toll on municipal credit – Bond Buyer

Analysts expect climate change, combined with the political realities of either addressing the effects of it or not, will have increasing impacts on municipal credit in the coming years. Droughts, fires, flooding, changed temperature patterns, reduced snow cover, and higher…

As Federal Climate-Fighting Tools Are Taken Away, Cities and States Step Up – The New York Times

Legislators in Colorado, historically a major coal state, have passed more than 50 climate-related laws since 2019. The liquor store in the farming town of Morris, Minn., cools its beer with solar power. Voters in Athens, Ohio, imposed a carbon…

Letter: Focus on global warming has led to pollution rise – Financial Times

Your article on the recent heatwaves in New Delhi (Opinion, June 22) raises the question as to how to protect vulnerable inhabitants of cities from the effects of global warming. With our understandable focus on heatwaves, it is not widely…

Cycles of Escalating Threats Facing Africa from Global Warming – Africa Center for Strategic Studies – Africa Center for Strategic Studies

By the Africa Center for Strategic Studies June 17, 2022 Reinforcing cycles of unsustainable human activity and intensifying climate effects are exacerbating the threats facing hundreds of millions of Africans. English | Français | Português Click here for a printable…

Climate Change, Fossil-Fuel Pollution, and Children’s Health | NEJM –

1. Tollefson J. Scientists raise alarm over “dangerously fast” growth in atmospheric methane. Nature 2022 February 08 (Epub ahead of print). 2. Global Carbon Project. Global carbon budget. 2022 ( Google Scholar 3. Climate Action Tracker. Temperatures: addressing global warming….

Are carbon credits the correct answer to climate change? –

Simarjeet Nagpal, Banyan Impact Fellow 2021-22 (Photo courtesy of Simarjeet Nagpal) The Situation We Are In Climate Change and the global rising temperature is a dire and imminent situation that we now face. Various think tanks and researchers across the…

How SCOTUS’ upcoming climate ruling could defang Washington – POLITICO

That has implications for other major rules that President Joe Biden’s agencies are writing or defending in court, including wetlands protections, limits on car and truck pollution, insurance coverage for birth control under Obamacare, and even the Trump administration’s attempts…


Torrential rains kill dozens in southern China as climate change amplifies flood seasons – CNN

Hong Kong CNN  —  Torrential rains in southern China have killed at least 32 people, impacted millions of residents and caused billions of yuan in economic losses, as the country grapples with increasingly devastating flood seasons fueled by climate change….

Indigenous rights leader, Nobel nominee Sheila Watt-Cloutier to speak at climate change summit – CU Boulder Today

Sheila Watt-Cloutier Sheila Watt-Cloutier, global advocate for indigenous rights and health, and leader focused on the impact of climate change on human rights, will present a keynote address at the Right Here, Right Now Global Climate Summit at CU Boulder…

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