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'Downsize' shows you how to think big when living small

In 1907, humorist Gelett Burgess wrote some self-congratulatory comments on the jacket of his new book, purportedly written by a Miss Belinda Blurb. Burgess noted “On the ‘jacket’ of the ‘latest’ fiction, we find the blurb; abounding in agile adjectives…

A Sleaze Storm Spewing From Tom Steyer’s Clean, Green Campaign

Greenie billionaire Tom Steyer, who inexplicably got himself a perch on the last Democratic debate podium despite no real support, has been involved in a rapid-fire series of sleaze scandals. His latest is open bribery, even if, as the Associated…

Documentary shines a light on how service dogs are helping veterans heal

When veterans return from combat, many can’t leave behind the terrors they witnessed. In the U.S., roughly 22 veterans commit suicide every day — or one every 65 minutes — according to a report by the Department of Veterans Affairs….

Inside one man's quest to grow and forage 100% of his food for an entire year

Rob Greenfield is a man on many missions. He has biked barefoot across the country on a bicycle made out of bamboo, he lived a year without showering to promote water conservation, and most recently, he has been putting down…

Former NSC Director Says Climate Change Is ‘Imaginary Threat’ Brainwashing Our Youth

William Happer failed at the chance of his lifetime. A notorious climate change science skeptic, Happer, 80, recently left the Trump administration after the White House killed his plan to create a panel to challenge government assessments of global warming….

MSNBC Blames Calif. Wildfires On ‘Climate Denial,’ Obama-Era Rollbacks

MSNBC anchor Andrea Mitchell and climate activist/Today show host Al Roker on Monday connected the California wildfires to “climate denial” and Obama-era regulatory rollbacks by the Trump administration. Roker definitively blamed the fires out west on climate change. Mitchell began by…

Why you should talk to your plants

It’s never been a better time to be a Plant Parent. There are Instagram handles devoted to houseplant trends, designer watering cans, custom plant delivery services, moisture sensing kits, and now — bedtime stories for plants. This new book for…