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CONGRESS: Dems offer budget boost to regulators tracking emissions

A spending bill being considered by House appropriators today would give state and local air regulators their first big budget increase since EPA added greenhouse gases to the list of pollutants they’re responsible for tracking.

House Dems: Climate Change Behind Racial Injustice, Floyd Protests

Democrats’ infatuation with the Climate Change Bogeyman has reached a new low, with the House Select Committee on the Climate Crisis (HSCCC) blaming climate change inaction for racial injustice and the George Floyd protests. Yes, really. A recently released HSCCC…


Joe Biden Recruits Tom Steyer As His Climate Change Guru

Former Vice President and 2020 Democrat presidential nominee Joe Biden has recruited former Clinton and Obama administration official Carol Browner and billionaire activist Tom Steyer to advise his campaign on climate change. Steyer, once Biden’s rival for the Democrat nomination,…

Covid-19 and climate change: Why we need to remember what we’ve lost –

For as long as I’ve followed global warming, advocates and activists have shared a certain faith: When the impacts get really bad, people will act. Maybe it will be an especially destructive hurricane, heat wave, or flood. Maybe it will…

Ex-Alarmist Disputes So-Called ‘Climate Crisis’ In New Book

Environmentalist Michael Shellenberger got off to a rocky start with his book launch when Forbes deactivated his column apologizing for the “climate scare,” but the magazine may have done him a favor. The backlash prompted a host of feisty contrarian…

Enviros Fear Dems’ New Climate Plan Will Kill Endangered Species

Congressional Democrats today unveil a “Climate Crisis Action Plan” similar to the Green New Deal proposed by Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez last year, which sounded like a dream to many progressives and climate activists. At the heart of the proposal are…


RESILIENCE: 50 pages on adaptation. Here’s what Democrats want

The government’s scattershot and sometimes contradictory climate policies have left thousands of communities ill-informed about their risks to rising temperatures, according to a sweeping climate plan released by House Democrats this week.


CONGRESS: Lawmaker raises concern with disaster program inequities

The chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee said the Small Business Administration should “take a long, hard look” at its disaster loan program following an E&E News investigation that showed large racial disparities in how the loans were distributed.


ELECTRIC VEHICLES: Democrats drive toward 100% clean cars by 2035

House Democrats want to zero out emissions from all new cars by 2035 — an enormous boon for the climate if the long-term goal is achieved and a significant statement in today’s political environment.