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Menopausal Mother Nature

News about Climate Change and our Planet


New tracking system monitors danger to rainforests

(University of Delaware) Similar to the election needle and the stock market index, scientists have developed a new tracking system to detect danger to rainforests around the world. The data to build the index was culled from advanced satellite measurements of climate and vegetation of each tropical region on Earth.

Hotter here, wetter there: How and why climate change will remake our world – The Times of Israel

Left to its own devices, nature is an artwork of balance and cycles. Carbon dioxide, for example — the most abundant global warming gas — produced by the likes of oceans, erupting volcanoes and decomposing life, is absorbed by forests…


Deadly heat: how rising temperatures threaten workers from Nicaragua to Nepal

William Martínez, who as a child worked on a sugarcane plantation in rural Nicaragua, learned the hard way what many in the US and Canada are now realising: that rising temperatures are costing lives and livelihoods. Martínez, along with fellow…

Mapping biodiversity in South Africa’s Greater Cape Floristic Region

(University at Buffalo) Scientists from the U.S. and South Africa are launching a campaign to map marine, freshwater, and terrestrial species and ecosystems in one of Earth’s biodiversity hotspots: the Greater Cape Floristic Region at the southwestern edge of South Africa.

UN-endorsed CityU project on monitoring global estuaries

(City University of Hong Kong) The State Key Laboratory of Marine Pollution (SKLMP) at City University of Hong Kong (CityU) has been endorsed by the United Nations (UN) to initiate a ten-year ‘Global Estuaries Monitoring (GEM)’ Programme to collect and study environmental pollutants in the estuaries of major cities around the globe so as to formulate a long-term policy of promoting clean estuaries.

East Antarctic summer cooling trends caused by tropical rainfall clusters

(Institute for Basic Science) A new study published in the journal Science Advances by an international research team from the IBS Center for Climate Physics, Nanjing University of Information Science and Technology and other centers uncovers a new mechanism linking climate trend in Antarctica to rainfall occurrences in the tropics.

Coastal Overtopping can Significantly Accelerate Under More Severe Global Warming – AZoCleantech

Written by AZoCleantechJun 21 2021 In the last few decades, sea-level rise combined with waves, tides and storm surges has increased the overtopping of artificial and natural coastal protection by almost 50%. The finding was revealed by an international study coordinated by…

An acceleration of coastal overtopping around the world

(Institut de recherche pour le développement) The combination of sea level rise, tides, storm surge and waves has increased the overtopping of natural and artificial coastal protection by nearly 50% in the last two decades. This revelation comes from an international study coordinated by IRD, involving international partners . The study was published in the prestigious scientific journal Nature Communications on June 18th 2021.

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