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Boilergeddon Could Topple Germany’s Heat Pump-Loving Green Party

Ah, Germany, land of economic resilience, political consensus, low debt, social compliance, manufacturing prowess, beer gardens, and lederhosen. But for how much longer? Alone among G7 advanced economies, Germany has recently slipped into recession, and hard though it may be…

Multiple Myeloma Cancer Treatment Has 90% Success Rate: ‘Dramatic Results’

Hadassah University Medical Center credit AVI HAYOUN

An experimental cancer treatment developed in Israel has become so effective for an incurable form of cancer, the hospital administering it has a waiting list more than 6 months long.

Oncologists at the immunology department at Hadassah University Medical Center in Jerusalem used the revolutionary CAR-T, or Chimeric Antigen Receptor T-Cell Therapy, to achieve remission of multiple myeloma in 90% of the 74 patients who undertook the experimental treatment.

Multiple myeloma is a kind of bone marrow cancer that distinguishes itself by developing in several areas at once, including the pelvis, ribs, skull, and spine. It accounts for one-tenth of all blood cancers.

CAR-T cell therapies are changing the world of cancer treatments by utilizing the patient’s own immune system to target and kill cancer tumors. Until the 1990s, it was almost completely unknown how to accomplish this, since cancers disguise themselves to avoid immune responses.

“We have evidence of a very positive overall response rate with minimal side effects, and they are mild,” Professor Polina Stepensky, head of the department at Hadassah. “These are dramatic results. This is a huge hope for patients with a disease that has not yet had a cure.”

Jerusalem Post reports that the treatment will also be available across the US in the coming months, quoting Dr. Stepensky.

“IMMX Bio has acquired a patent license, and we are about to open a clinical trial in the US,” Stepensky said. “The plan is to reach commercialization and FDA approval as a drug within a year.”

The way this particular CAR-T cell therapy treatment works is by taking donated blood and separating out the red blood cells from the white blood cells. Then, a genetic engineering procedure is undertaken in which a deactivated virus is filled with the necessary signals to train the white blood cells, in particular the immune weapon known as a T cell, how to target the cancer tumors.

Hadassah is actually the second institution to make headlines recently over a multiple myeloma CAR-T cell treatment. GNN reported on the development at a state-run hospital in Barcelona in 2021 that achieved a 75% remission rate.

CAR-T cell therapy has also shown promise against leukemia, and lupus, which isn’t a cancer but rather an autoimmune disease.

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From The Alps To Australia To Europe And More, Cold Is Wreaking Havoc Globally

1. Alaska’s fourth cold winter in a row Alaska was once seen as a beacon of hope in the AGW coal mine: but after four cold winters in a row, culminating in a historically cold winter season in 2022-23, the…

Tim Scott’s “happy warrior” climate vibes

Tim Scott is the presidential candidate the eco-right has been hoping for. Why it matters: Conservative climate advocates around D.C. hope Scott is an off-ramp from the climate denial and grievance obsessions of the far right. His candidacy could test…

As Net Zero Costs Soar And Mandates Kick In, The Climate Blame Game Begins

What do we do about the climate madness? That’s the issue that Lord Frost addressed in a recent speech to the Global Warming Policy Foundation in Britain. Short answer: not much, not yet. But there is hope. Frost reckons that…

Flower That Grew Only in York Brought Back From Extinction After 30 Years—First Ever British De-Extinction

Andrew Shaw – The Rare British Plants Nursery

English media is gushing over the news of the first “de-extinction event” that saw a yellow wildflower unique to northeast England brought back to life.

Extinct since 1991, the York groundsel managed to carry on thanks to a handful of seed that was shed from three potted specimens on a windowsill at the University of York.

Stored at the Millennium Seed Bank in the Kew Gardens, botanists at Natural England organized a resurrection for the York groundsel after they received word the seeds were reaching the end of their lifespan.

A plastic greenhouse was constructed for the experiment at the Rare British Plants Nursery in Wales, and thanks in no small part to its excellent fecundity, 98 of the 100 seeds germinated, and soon, those three survivors on a windowsill had passed their genes on to literally thousands of offspring, three whole decades after they died.

“It’s a smiley, happy-looking yellow daisy and it’s a species that we’ve got international responsibility for,” said Alex Prendergast, a vascular plant senior specialist for Natural England. “It’s also got an important value as a pollinator and nectar plant in the area because it flowers almost every month of the year.”

MORE UK NATURE NEWS: Once Biologically Dead, the River Mersey in England is “Best Environmental Story in Europe”

“It only lives in York, and it only ever lived in York. It’s a good tool to talk to people about the importance of urban biodiversity and I hope it will capture people’s imagination,” he told the Guardian.

This groundsel is the only known species to have evolved in England within the last 50 years as it dumped all its evolutionary vigor into figuring out how to live successfully in urban environments.

MORE DE-EXTINCTION NEWS: Conservation Zoos Have Powerful Potential to ‘Reverse Extinction’ Study Shows

It grew out of every crack in the pavement during the stagflationary recession of the 1970s, but soon fell prey to widespread weedkiller application.

Prendergast said that this de-extinction event is likely to be a one-off because of the unique nature of the York groundsel, but added that it nevertheless demonstrated the immense importance of the Millennium Seed Bank.

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Lowering The Boom: Climactivists Crash Live Dance Event, Get Surprise Comeuppance

The more recent trend of climate protesters trying to destroy art in all its various forms has become pervasive, especially in Europe. In the last several years, many different videos have chronicled people gluing themselves to paintings, pouring dye into…

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