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Menopausal Mother Nature

News about Climate Change and our Planet


Giant Eagle-Owl Unseen For 150 Years Just Caught on Camera

When Dr. Joseph Tobias saw how big the bird which had just flown over his head was, he had just assumed it was an eagle. After all, no other bird in Ghana could be so large. He was wrong. The Imperial College researcher and his colleague were the first to see a Shelley’s eagle owl […]

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Understanding the Differences Between Primary, Secondary, and Tertiary Recycling

Did you know there are several types of recycling? It’s not surprising if you don’t. Most consumers don’t stop to think about what happens to the items they put in their curbside bin. You’ve done your part as soon as you send off the items for recycling. What happens at a recycling facility? It’s just as […]

COP26 will decide the direction of the fight against global warming: Here’s what needs to go right – Firstpost

The ConversationOct 25, 2021 17:14:17 IST A week from today, a crucial round of United Nations climate change negotiations will begin in Glasgow and the stakes could not be higher. By the end, we’ll know how far nations are willing…

Yes, There Has Been Progress on Climate. No, It’s Not Nearly Enough. – The New York Times

As world leaders gather in Glasgow for aUnited Nations climate summit next week, the focus will be on one crucial number: How many degrees hotter will the Earth get? And how do we keep that number as small as possible?…

How To Build A Climate Workforce In Hawaii – Honolulu Civil Beat

When it comes to climate change, we all approach it with different levels of understanding and lived experiences. Fortunately, the general population has begun to recognize that it is indeed a global crisis, no matter where you live. As an…

Higher Prices Are The Cost Of Biden’s War On Energy

On the 2020 campaign trail, Joe Biden promised to create for America a green economy. He specifically mentioned that the way to do this is to denigrate fossil fuels. Now that this mentally-addled man has been installed as president, he…

Biden Kills Alaskan Oil Drilling Project As Gas Prices Continue To Soar

The Biden administration abandoned an oil and gas drilling project in Alaska approved by former President Donald Trump, which it had previously defended. The Department of the Interior failed to file an appeal to a federal judge’s August decision blocking…

Is COP26 the last hope for limiting global warming? –

Climate activists Vanessa Nakate of Uganda and Greta Thunberg of Sweden gather with other young people during a ‘Fridays for Future’ protest in Milan, Italy, on October 1 Lapresse The United Nations Climate Conference (COP26) is seen by many as…

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