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COVID-19 lockdowns significantly impacting global air quality

(American Geophysical Union) Levels of two major air pollutants have been drastically reduced since lockdowns began in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, but a secondary pollutant — ground-level ozone — has increased in China, according to new research.

Earth Day: An animated tribute

[embedded content] 2010 marked the 40th celebration of Earth Day, a holiday that helped spark America’s modern environmental movement when it was founded on April 22, 1970, by then-Sen. Gaylord Nelson of Wisconsin. In honor of that historic day and…

When you can't think, procrastibake

To procrastibake is to bake something completely unnecessary to avoid doing something you should be doing or just to avoid the cold hard truth of life — and it’s a real thing. It’s so common that if you search the…

5 math holidays everyone should know

If today were Mole Day, we’d give you a pass if you thought it was a celebration of the small burrowing rodent. Mole Day is only one of the modern “holidays” that honors scientific concepts. In recent years mathematicians and…