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Menopausal Mother Nature

News about Climate Change and our Planet


Climate Doomsayers Are Always Wrong — But Cling To Their Anti-Human Faith

What does it take to avert the end of the world? For most of human history, this has been a question for religion. And the answer has usually been that human beings must repent of their sins. They must surrender…

Multiple Outlets Admit Hysterical Climate Coverage Is Counterproductive

After the release of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s (IPCC) latest Synthesis Report, multiple media outlets cautioned their peers against leaning too far into the catastrophe narrative, as it might be counterproductive for climate policy and, perhaps, inaccurate too….

Brazilian Govt Wants Permanent Climate Emergency For Over 1,000 Cities

Brazil’s Minister of Environment and Climate Change Marina Silva Sunday admitted that President Luiz Inácio Lula Da Silva’s administration was considering the possibility of declaring a state of climate emergency in 1,038 municipalities mapped as most vulnerable, Agencia Brasil reported….

Inventing The Apocalypse: Climate Doomsday Predictions Haven’t Aged Well

We have been told nearly every year for the past 50-plus years that we have only ten years to live. If you figure that one out, you’re good, as Groucho Marx would say. On March 20, the New York Times…

As Climate Battles Heat Up, House GOP Tries To Blunt Biden’s Green Hysteria

“The end is near!” cry the climate alarmists. They’ve been screaming that same warning for half a century, and no matter how many of their dire prophecies fail to come to pass, these false prophets just shout even louder. In…

Want to sequester carbon? Save wild animals – Grist

As the world increasingly turns toward natural climate solutions like reforestation and grassland restoration to sequester carbon, it may be overlooking a crucial ally: animals.  Protecting existing populations and restoring others to their natural habitats often improves the natural capture…

Reexamined Gold Pendant Contains Oldest Reference to Norse God Odin: ‘A Huge Discovery’

Archaeologists have found that a golden pendant unearthed in 2020 contains the words “He is Odin’s man,” making the object the oldest ever found to bear the name of the chief Norse deity. Dating to the 400s CE, the century of the fall of the Roman Empire, the pendant is believed to have been owned […]

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