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Ready, set, explore Earth from home

We’re at home. How about you? But we just discovered these virtual tours, galleries and live webcams from around the world, which we wanted to share. Stay home, and have some virtual fun …

Coral tells own tale about El Niño’s past

(Rice University) Rice University and Georgia Tech scientists use data from ancient coral to build a record of temperatures in the tropical Pacific Ocean over the last millennium. The data question previous links between volcanic eruptions and El Niño events.

Pablo Escobar’s hippos may help counteract a legacy of extinctions

When cocaine kingpin Pablo Escobar was shot dead in 1993, the four hippos in his private zoo in Colombia were left behind. Since then, their numbers have grown to an estimated 80-100 in the country’s rivers. Scientists and the public alike have viewed the hippos as invasive pests that should not run wild in South America. Now a new study by an international group of researchers challenges this view.

Lindau Nobel Laureate Meetings 2020 postponed to next year

(Lindau Nobel Laureate Meetings) New date 70th Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting: 27 June – 2 July 2021. Date for 7th Lindau Meeting on Economic Sciences to be determined. Interactive online activities planned for this summer. Lindau Mediatheque as a contribution to science communication. Previous Lindau Meetings at — #LINO70.


COURTS: Youth climate cases surge at home and abroad

As the challengers behind the historic U.S. kids’ climate case push for one more day in court, young people from South Korea and Montana last week forged ahead with two new climate change cases against their own governments.

Fury At Plans To Build Wind Farm On Graves Of WWI British Heroes

Plans to build a wind turbine farm on a famous First World War battlefield in northern France have been described as “revolting.” Tens of thousands of British soldiers were killed during the historic Battle of Cambrai and many of their…

Spring break road trip ideas for families on a budget

When spring emerges after a long winter, getting out on the open road is just the thing to cure those seasonal doldrums. But for those of us who can’t spring for luxurious resorts or far-off locales, taking that long-anticipated spring…

Trump, Senate Strike Deal To Fund And Restore National Parks

Slashing the Land and Water Conservation Fund has been an annual tradition in Washington, D.C., for most of the 55-year-old program’s history, but no longer. In a rare show of bipartisan unity, Republican and Democratic senators gathered Wednesday to cheer…