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Climate Change Remains Top Global Threat Across 19-Country Survey – Pew Research Center

People see UN favorably and believe ‘common values’ are more important for bringing nations together than ‘common problems’ Low water levels at Baitings Reservoir reveal an ancient bridge as drought conditions continue in the heatwave in Ripponden, United Kingdom (Christopher…

Kids Don’t Know Enough About Plants’ Answer to Climate Change: Scientists – Newsweek

Children are not being taught enough about plants at a time when they could be the answer to global warming, scientists have warned. This has led to people becoming “disconnected from the botanical world” of plants when understanding flora has…

In Svalbard where global warming is in full view on your doorstep – The Irish Times

Svalbard sits about halfway between Norway’s most northern point and the North Pole. Surrounded by the Arctic Ocean and covering an area similar to the Republic of Ireland, the archipelago ranges from 74 to 81 degrees north latitude. Longyearbyen, Svalbard’s…

Startling Consequences of Global Warming: Oceans Are Losing Their Memory – SciTechDaily

Using future projections from the latest generation of Earth System Models, a recent study published in Science Advances found that most of the world’s ocean is steadily losing its year-to-year memory under global warming. In contrast to the rapid weather…

Warming Trends: Nature and Health Studies Focused on the Privileged, $1B for Climate School and Old Tires Detour Into Concrete – InsideClimate News

SCIENCE Nature and Health Research Ignored Populations That Weren’t White, Western or Wealthy A growing body of research shows that nature can benefit mental health and well-being. But an analysis of that research reveals that it almost exclusively focuses on…

Climate change roils colleges that train drillers and miners – E&E News

OKLAHOMA CITY — Universities that train future coal miners and oil drillers are retooling their recruitment efforts as concerns about global warming increasingly deter students from pursuing those careers. Some schools with flagging enrollment have retained public relations experts who…

NBA Basketball Star Donates Full Salary This Season to Build Hospital in DR Congo to Honor Father

Bismack Biyombo, returning to the NBA after a year as a free agent, has announced he will donate the entire $1.3 million value of his contract to the construction of a hospital in his home town in Congo. Taking last season off to care for his sick father, who passed away in August of 2021, […]

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NASA Analysis: 2021 Tied for 6th Hottest Year in Continued Warming Trend – SciTechDaily

Earth’s global average surface temperature in 2021 tied with 2018 as the sixth warmest on record, according to independent analyses done by Fahrenheit (0.85 degrees Columbia University’s Earth Institute and School of Engineering and Applied Science in New York.

A Dirt Cheap Climate Change Solution? Common Clay Materials May Help Curb Methane Emissions – SciTechDaily

A team of researchers at MIT has come up with a promising approach to controlling methane emissions and removing it from the air, using an inexpensive and abundant type of clay called zeolite. In this image, the zeolite, depicted as…

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