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Biden Opposing Keystone Shows His Contempt For Canadians

There’s nothing surprising about presumptive U.S. Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden saying if he defeats Republican President Donald Trump in November, he’ll kill the Keystone XL pipeline. This latest fight over the $8-billion, 1,930-km pipeline intended to move bitumen from…


Field courses boost student success, support STEM diversity efforts

The challenge of diversifying STEM fields may get a boost from the results of a new study that show field courses help build self-confidence among students — especially those from underrepresented groups.


Does Greta Thunberg Have The Answer To The Wuhan Virus?

COVID-19 is a riddle wrapped inside an enigma and hidden within a Chinese wet market, or possibly a CCP laboratory. World leaders are baffled by how to respond. The science keeps contradicting itself. The world’s greatest mathematicians can’t keep up…

Lehigh University awarded NSF grant to boost students’ geospatial skills

(Lehigh University) The National Science Foundation has awarded $2.85 million to Lehigh’s College of Education and two other universities to further develop programs to enhance high school students’ geospatial skills, boost their literacy in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM), and to better prepare them for STEM careers.

How coronavirus drifts through the air in microscopic droplets

Aerosols are the tiny particles of liquids and material that float around in our environment. When they come from an infected person, they may be a significant source of coronavirus transmission. The science of infectious aerosols.

Why #ElonMuskDay Is Trending On 4/20 On Twitter

Usually, #ElonMuskDay is trending on June 28 — his birthday — but this year it came a bit earlier. The idea of 4/20 for many people is to celebrate smoke day, smoking weed. As you’ve probably known since high school, 4/20 or 4:20 is associated with smoking weed. There are different historical explanations of why that’s the case

Ecological Society of America announces 2020 award recipients

(Ecological Society of America) ESA will present the 2020 awards recognizing outstanding contributions to ecology in new discoveries, teaching, sustainability, diversity, and lifelong commitment to the profession during the Society’s Annual Meeting in Salt Lake City, UT.

Making chemistry education more engaging with computers

(Bentham Science Publishers) Computer Based Projects for a Chemistry Curriculum, authored by Thomas Manning and Aurora Grumatges, presents 24 chapters each giving information about activities employing applications such as MS excel (spreadsheets) and Spartan (computational modeling). Each project is explained in a simple, easy-to-understand manner. The content within this book is suitable as a guide for both teachers and students and each chapter is supplemented with practice guidelines and exercises.

Branching Out: Women in Forestry

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, women make up 13.9 percent of forest and conservation professionals across the country. At Enviva, we are lucky to have three of the best female foresters in the business, who ensure that forests across…

Dems Derail Relief Bill To Peddle Green New Deal Agenda

The great American layoff is history in the making. Nothing like this response to a pandemic scare has ever before happened in American history on such a massive scale. Americans are willingly cooperating with the unprecedented mandate of “social distancing”…