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Menopausal Mother Nature

News about Climate Change and our Planet


‘Welcome to global warming’: Greece warns against unnecessary work as temperatures soar – Reuters

ATHENS, July 30 (Reuters) – Greek authorities warned the public against unnecessary work and travel on Friday as temperatures hit 40 degrees Celsius (104 °F) in Athens and the ancient Acropolis, its most visited monument, was briefly forced to close….

New Mexico congresspeople join call for climate change action in ongoing budget talks – Carlsbad Current Argus

New Mexico’s Democrat congresspeople were at the forefront of bicameral efforts to mitigate climate change, representing a state heavily dependent on fossil fuel extraction which many blame as a contributor to air pollution and subsequent impacts like global warming. U.S….

Three degrees of global warming is quite plausible and truly disastrous – The Economist

Jul 24th 2021 BY THE STANDARDS of the 21st century as a whole, 2021 will almost certainly go down as a comparatively cool year. By the standards of the rest of human history its weather looks disconcertingly like hell. Listen…

Heat Waves, Flooding, and Forest Fires: How Has Climate Change Fueled Extreme Weather Events? – Global Citizen

Experts say that global warming is making extreme weather events more frequent and deadly. By Pramod Acharya More than 100 people have died and at least 1,000 are missing following floods in Germany and Belgium that swept away buildings, cut…

How Global Warmists Package Panic

That the latest World Weather Attribution (WWA) post, Rapid attribution analysis of the extraordinary heatwave on the Pacific Coast of the US and Canada June 2021, has twenty-one contributors from prestigious research groups around the world gave it even more…

Why climate change threatens your retirement savings – CBS News

As climate change worsens extreme weather events like the record-breaking heat in the Pacific Northwest last month, another concern looms — that the impact on companies from global warming could incinerate people’s retirement savings. Pensions and 401(k) plans are “vulnerable,” along…

Media Attack Earth’s Highest Temp Record To Make Present-Day Temps ‘Unprecedented’

An article this week in Gizmodo aligns with several other media claims that the 130-degree temperature recorded in Death Valley this past week is somehow a validation of “global warming.” They could not be more wrong. Gizmodo author Jody Serrano…

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