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News about Climate Change and our Planet

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What is the climate crisis, why is it happening and what are the impacts? – The Independent

Global warming, climate change, climate crisis, climate breakdown, and climate emergency are all terms which describe a major threat to life as we know it on our planet, but what are people talking about when they use these terms? Climate…

The Energy Lurking In Sewers Could Help Fight Climate Change – NPR

Treated Denver wastewater flows into the South Platte River in April. In what may be the largest U.S. project of its kind, Denver will use excess energy from sewage wastewater to heat and cool a new agriculture, arts and education…

When Slowing Global Warming Means Cutting Down Trees: Hard Choices in the Climate Crisis – Union of Concerned Scientists

President Biden recently announced that the US would cut carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions to 50–52 percent of 2005 levels by 2030. While there are many reasons why even this level of ambition isn’t sufficient, it’s still an enormous shift from…

Rising energy demand for cooling

(Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Science and Technology (EMPA)) Climate-related temperature rises will further increase the cooling demand of buildings. A projection by Empa researchers based on data from the NEST building and future climate scenarios for Switzerland shows that this increase in energy demand for cooling is likely to be substantial and could have a strong impact on our future – electrified – energy system.

MIT unveils a new action plan to tackle the climate crisis

(Massachusetts Institute of Technology) MIT has released an ambitious new plan for action to address the world’s accelerating climate crisis. The plan, titled “Fast Forward: MIT’s Climate Action Plan for the decade,” includes a broad array of new initiatives and significant expansions of existing programs, to address the needs for new technologies, new policies, and new kinds of outreach to bring the Institute’s expertise to bear on this critical global issue.


CHINA: Xi vows focus on emission cuts, ending energy-inefficient projects

China will make cutting emissions a focus of its ecological strategy in the next five years, President Xi Jinping said, vowing to call off projects which consume a lot of energy and can’t meet environmental standards.


CONGRESS: House bill would embed climate in U.S. diplomacy

Climate envoy John Kerry has been the face of U.S. environmental diplomacy since President Biden took office. Under newly introduced legislation, he would be just one among many officials trying to sell the world on American-style climate action.


GERMANY: Government pledges to adjust climate law after court verdict

The German government on Friday announced that it will swiftly adjust its law aiming to curb climate change, after the country’s top court ruled that existing legislation places an unfair burden on younger generations.