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News about Climate Change and our Planet

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Chicago’s climate superpower: How TOD can help address global warming – Streetsblog Chicago

Streetsblog has chronicled the role that our zoning and land use rules play in transit ridership, economic growth, and segregation. But the map above makes another point – Chicago’s land use policies have a major impact on our greenhouse gas…

Penn State Battery Tech Breakthrough Paves Way for Mass Adoption of Affordable/Fast Charging Electric Cars

A breakthrough in electric vehicle fast charging battery design from Penn State has enabled a 10-minute charge time for a typical EV battery. The record-breaking combination of a shorter charge time and more energy required for longer travel range came from heating the battery to a Goldilocks Zone which has proven difficult for engineers thus […]

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Green Policies, Russian War Forcing Europeans To Burn More Trees For Energy

European consumers and businesses are increasingly turning to biomass energy sources, including wood-derived fuels for heating and cooling, as the energy crisis continues to wreak havoc across the continent. The shift to biomass energy, which already accounts for the majority…

The Hank Hill Solution to Climate Change – The American Prospect

The climate has a refrigerant problem. These chemicals, used across industries and homes, are often super-powerful greenhouse gases—thousands or even tens of thousands of times stronger than carbon dioxide—that contribute significantly to climate change. And with temperatures rising across the…

Personal behavior — even Taylor Swift’s — is a minor part of climate change – Axios

Celebrities would be doing the Earth a favor if they cut back on private jets, but combating global warming will require bigger systemic changes, not just better personal behavior. Driving the news: A recent report from Yard, a U.K. marketing…

Analysis | The climate bill won’t stop global warming. But it will clean the air. – The Washington Post

Listen 11 min Comment on this story Comment Gift Article The higher temperatures observed today across the world, implicated in everything from extreme heat to drought and worsening wildfires, are the result of many decades of rising greenhouse gas emissions…

Climate Brief: Turning the global warming tide takes all of us – Daily Kos

My sign for the community Lies will not change reality. Global warming threatens our health, lifestyles and survival. There will be no survival of the healthiest, or the richest or the strongest. Each of us will be affected. Each of…

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