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AI-designed heat pumps consume less energy

(Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne) Researchers at EPFL have developed a method that uses artificial intelligence to design next-generation heat-pump compressors. Their method can cut the pumps’ power requirement by around 25%.

Joe Biden’s ‘Clean Energy Revolution’ An American Calamity

Presidential candidate Joe Biden recently announced his “Plan for a Clean Energy Revolution and Environmental Justice.” While it might be viewed as a Green New Deal Lite, the plan would inflict enormous economic, environmental and societal pain on most of…


Solar-powered prefab cabins keep naturally cool in Portugal

When a client approached Lisbon-based architectural practice Studio 3A for a small residential project in the seaside village of Comporta, the architects knew that a major challenge would be keeping the house naturally cool during the oppressively hot summers. In keeping with their commitment to sustainable architecture, the architects used passive solar strategies and efficient insulation to mitigate solar heat gain. The firm also teamed up with design studio Mima Housing to prefabricate the buildings,…


Escape to the Azores at this charming eco resort by the sea

Looking for a summer getaway that checks the boxes for chic and environmentally friendly style? Meet Lava Homes, a new eco-resort on Azores’ Pico Island that’s a relaxing escape for nature and yoga lovers alike. Tucked into a hillside with breathtaking views of the sea, the 14-villa resort was designed by Portuguese architectural firm Diogo Mega Architects to embody nature conservation and sustainable principles as evidenced by its minimized site disturbance, use of renewable energy, and locally…

Climate Plan

What we’re witnessing is more than a climate crisis, we’re facing climate catastrophe and the outlook is grim. We’re already in the Sixth Mass Extinction event and we’re facing a potential global temperature rise of 18°C or 32.4°F by 2026….