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Higher Optimism is Linked With Longer Life, Harvard Scientists Find in New Study

Higher levels of optimism were associated with longer lifespan and living beyond age 90 in women across racial and ethnic groups in a study led by researchers at Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health. “Although optimism itself may be affected by social structural factors, such as race and ethnicity, our research suggests that the […]

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Before swallowing claims about meat causing global warming, common sense needed – Norfolk Daily News

The belief that meat production — especially raising cattle — causes global warming has been around since climate change stories began to land on the front page in the 1980s. At first, many people laughed it off as cattle and…

Starved, stuffed and squandered: Consequences of decades of global nutrition transition

Just a handful of rice and beans – a part of our world is starved. Hawaiian Pizza and ice-cream – another part of our world is stuffed, throwing away food every day. This gap is likely to worsen, while food waste will increase and pressure on the environment will go up, a new study shows.

Why plant-based meats are having a moment

There’s never been a better time to cut meat out of your life or at least limit it significantly. There’s a plethora of meat substitutes on the market, some more affordable than others, but all with a lower environmental impact…

Did you know you have 5 different appetites?

When you’re hungry, what do you eat? Do you reach for fresh fruits and vegetables or grab chips or ice cream? There’s likely no consistent answer. After all, appetite is complicated. In studying how animals eat, researchers learned about the…

Aflac donates millions to aid coronavirus response

Company helps fund projects aimed at providing personal protective gear to medical frontline personnel. As an insurance company, Aflac has to be ready for just about anything. So when the world was struck with a global pandemic, the Georgia-based corporation…

What is lockdown eating and why am I doing it?

When the coronavirus crisis firmly took hold in the U.S. in early March, eating habits changed dramatically. For many, cooking meals every day was a whole new experience as they navigated recipes and their pantries. Others reveled in creating elaborate…

11 ways to use nutritional yeast (and why you should)

I’ve been eating nutritional yeast essentially my entire life and love it on so many dishes, but I realize not everyone knows what it is, even though it is slowly making its way into the mainstream. It even has a…

A lot of weird science goes into making bread

These days, everyone is slinging a bread recipe. And that should come as no surprise considering how long we’ve been living under the shadow of a pandemic. There are only so many “quarantinis” you can concoct for friends who can’t…

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