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Menopausal Mother Nature

News about Climate Change and our Planet


The Global Warming Guys—and “Dark Money”—Behind “Science Moms” – Capital Research Center

Global warming is real—professional activists say so. Just don’t look at the “dark money” behind the curtain. Science Moms is one of the Left’s many pressure groups known for dumping lots of science-y words into ads meant to grift suburban…

Harvard awards $1.3M to fund climate change solutions – Harvard Gazette

Harvard faculty and students are advancing solutions to climate change and its wide-ranging impacts through new scientific, technological, legal, behavioral, public health, policy, and artistic innovations. Ten research teams will share $1.3 million in the eighth round of the Climate…

Scientists now believe Antarctica is headed for a climate-change tipping point by 2060 – MarketWatch

While U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken draws attention to climate change in the Arctic at meetings with other national officials this week in Iceland, an even greater threat looms on the other side of the planet. New research shows it is Antarctica…


The formula for telling sustainability stories that stick

Stories are everything — in corporate sustainability as in life. Facts and numbers help explain the world as it is, but narratives give it meaning. We turn to tales for teaching, selling products and services, and motivating the masses into action. From the fires of prehistory to the depths of the digital age, a good story can change the world.

Looking indoors to health

Harvard’s University Construction Management Council is celebrating its 10th year and forging ahead on projects such as acting to remove flame retardants and other toxic chemicals from building interiors.

Making sustainability part of the business

Unilever CEO Paul Polman outlined the multinational corporation’s commitment to environmental sustainability during a talk at Harvard Business School’s Spangler Center on April 10 as part of Climate Week events at Harvard.

From divestment to engagement

Investment experts at Harvard Business School explored alternatives for investors interested in climate change, from divestment to engagement, as ways to change corporate behavior.

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