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Climate change: The Arctic sea ice retreats, opening shipping lanes –

The Arctic is now open for business year-round after a large commercial ship sailed the Northern Sea Route from Jiangsu, China, to a Russian gas plant on the Arctic coast, for the first time ever during the month of February,…

The Enormous Risk of Atmospheric Hacking – The New Yorker

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Honoring The Black Astrophysicist at NASA Whose Innovative Space Telescope is On The Moon (1939-2020)

George Robert Carruthers did big things with his life: One of the first Black astrophysicists at NASA—he’s known for pioneering the first ultraviolet telescope that went to the Moon. Midway through Black History Month, it’s worth taking a look at this inspirational man who passed away, aged 81, in December 2020. Winning a basket-full of […]

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Comet or asteroid: What killed the dinosaurs and where did it come from?

(Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics) It forever changed history when it crashed into Earth about 66 million years ago. The Chicxulub impactor, as it’s known, left behind a crater off the coast of Mexico that spans 93 miles and runs 12 miles deep.

The 1st sign of intelligent life beyond Earth?

Physicist Avi Loeb of Harvard believes we should take seriously the idea that ‘Oumuamua – the 1st known object to pass through our solar system from interstellar space – might have been created by an alien civilization. His new book is called “Extraterrestrial.”