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Menopausal Mother Nature

News about Climate Change and our Planet

Harvard Law School

Climate change, hurricanes, and their toll on municipal credit – Bond Buyer

Analysts expect climate change, combined with the political realities of either addressing the effects of it or not, will have increasing impacts on municipal credit in the coming years. Droughts, fires, flooding, changed temperature patterns, reduced snow cover, and higher…

Fighting Climate Change, From Capitol Hill to City Hall – Center For American Progress

Introduction and summary Historically, states, local governments, and tribal nations have been key leaders on climate ambition. For example, in the 1960s, California set the nation’s first tailpipe emissions standards1 and continued on the path of setting the most advanced…

Global Warming: Defrosting Great Game Across the Arctic – Modern Diplomacy

“Justice is a contract neither to do nor to suffer wrong.”-Plato, Republic[1] Abstract: This essay will  focus upon current issues of insurgency,[2] counterterrorism and Humanitarian International Law in the Middle East. As Israel and Hamas now confront each other in…

Corporate climate change secrets targeted by D.C., California – Los Angeles Times

California clean tech innovator Bloom Energy, with its noncombustion, low-emission fuel cells, is hardly taking the same approach to powering the planet as oil giant Chevron, but one thing the companies have in common are slick promotional campaigns defining them…

WSJ Rebukes Biden’s Job-Killing ‘Backdoor’ Scheme To Regulate CO2

The Wall Street Journal took a sledgehammer to a scheme by President Joe Biden’s administration to push job-killing climate regulations without congressional approval. A new Journal editorial exposed how “Democratic AGs, green groups, and a top Biden environmental regulator are colluding on…

Biden’s ‘Backdoor’ Climate Plan

President Biden wants Congress to pass climate legislation, but that faces political obstacles. No worries—state Democratic Attorneys General are conspiring with green groups on a regulatory Plan B. Climate activists have long sought to force CO2 emissions reductions under the…

Jury duty for global warming: citizen groups help solve the puzzle of climate action – Science Magazine

The 110 members of the U.K. Climate Assembly were randomly selected. FABIO DE PAOLA/PA WIRE By Cathleen O’GradyOct. 29, 2020 , 1:45 PM Until recently, Sue Peachey, an apartment building manager in Bath, U.K., didn’t think much about climate change….

Changing what we eat could offset years of climate-warming emissions, new analysis finds

(New York University) Plant protein foods–like lentils, beans, and nuts–can provide vital nutrients using a small fraction of the land required to produce meat and dairy. By shifting to these foods, much of the remaining land could support ecosystems that absorb CO2, according to a new study.

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