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News about Climate Change and our Planet


Climate Hazard! Online Porn Emits As Much CO2 As 72 Nations Combined

Pornographic digital streaming generates 81 million tons of carbon dioxide each year, which is equivalent to the CO2 emissions of 72 countries combined, a new study by the Shift Project found. These 72 countries are the nations with the lowest…

Famous rescue dog Frida earns her retirement

[embedded content] Wearing serious goggles, all-terrain boots and a khaki padded vest, Frida the search and rescue dog is a social media hero. But it’s her amazing life-saving work and not her style that has earned her accolades. In her…


Rebecca Solnit: ‘Every protest shifts the world’s balance’

Scale it up and it’s revolution; scale it down and it’s individual non-cooperation that may be seen as nothing more than obstinacy or malingering or not seen at all. What we call protest identifies one aspect of popular power and…

Brian Tucker honored by SSA for global earthquake safety efforts

(Seismological Society of America) For his efforts to make the world’s most vulnerable communities safer from earthquakes and other natural hazards, the Seismological Society of America (SSA) honors Brian Tucker with the 2019 Frank Press Public Service Award.


Kin Travel is offering unique vacation ideas that benefit destinations through conservation and sustainability

Traveling is becoming more and more convenient through the help of new technology, but sadly that doesn’t always bode well for places affected by over tourism and other negative influences some travelers may bring along with them. Kin Travel began when founders Brian Jones and Mark Somen decided to give travelers a way to go on vacation while immersing themselves into the local culture and having a positive impact on their destinations. They strive to offer opportunities to rejuvenate communities…

How Miami Residents Are Adapting For Climate Change – NPR

A construction worker at the Monad Terrace luxury development, a high-rise in Miami Beach that has been designed to withstand several decades of climate change and sea level rise. Maria Alejandra Cardona for NPR hide caption toggle caption Maria Alejandra…