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Gulf of Mexico

New study shows Deepwater Horizon oil spill larger than previously thought

Toxic and invisible oil spread well beyond the known satellite footprint of the Deepwater Horizon oil spill, according to a new study. These new findings have important implications for environmental health during future oil spills.

Mystery of marine recycling squad solved

(Max Planck Institute for Marine Microbiology) Nitrogen cycling in shelf waters is crucial to reduce surplus nutrients, which rivers pour out into the ocean. Yet many of its aspects are poorly understood. Scientists from Bremen have now succeeded in finding answers to a longstanding mystery in a key process of the nitrogen cycle.

BP & Trump Weaken Environmental Laws That Protect Americans — Is This Not The Swampiest Swamp?

British Petroleum (BP), which is the same company that had the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico just off the coast of Louisiana in 2010 that devastated much of our wetlands, has won a victory against laws protecting the environment

BP Exec: Climate Change Fears Depressing Daughter’s Friends

Outgoing BP CEO Bob Dudley, the man who steered the oil giant through the aftermath of the massive 2010 Gulf of Mexico spill, revealed that his daughter’s friends are taking antidepressants because of their concerns about climate change. Dudley, who is…

North Atlantic Current may cease temporarily in the next century

(University of Groningen) The North Atlantic Current transports warm water from the Gulf of Mexico towards Europe, providing much of north-western Europe with a relatively mild climate. However, scientists suspect that meltwater from Greenland and excessive rainfall could interfere with this ocean current. Simulations by scientists from the University of Groningen and Utrecht University showed that there is a 15 percent likelihood that there will be a temporary change in the current in the next 100 years.