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Q&A: Labor’s Mark Butler says climate debate should be put aside amid bushfires

Shadow climate change minister Mark Butler issued a plea last night to set aside public debates about climate change while communities were fighting for their lives and homes in the face of unprecedented bushfires. Speaking at the beginning of ABC…


Callum Roberts: ‘Sharks do bite people, they do kill people, but it’s more error than intention’

Callum Roberts is professor of marine conservation at York University and was chief scientific adviser on Blue Planet 2. His new book, Reef Life, details a life spent in the oceans studying the marine ecosystem. How was your first dive?It…

Latest Climate Culprits: Asthmatics

By now you should know that you hate the planet if you eat beef, instead of mashed-up bugs or heavily salted soy protein or algae or whatever. And of course, you hate the planet if your car uses gasoline instead…


BUSINESS: Russia scraps plans to set climate goals for companies

Russia has ditched plans to set greenhouse gas emissions targets for companies as a sign of its commitment to fighting climate change, following lobbying from big businesses that risked fines if they didn’t comply.

The Paris Climate Problem:  A Dangerous Lack of Urgency

Most countries aren’t cutting emissions fast enough, and their pledges for the next 10 years fall far short of what’s needed, a new analysis warns. While nearly all of the world’s countries have pledged to cut their greenhouse gas emissions,…

Yankees Hire Climate Activist To Excite Fans About Global Warming

Allen Hershkowitz hopes to make climate change a regular feature on the sports pages of American media whether fans like it or not. And the new environmental science adviser for the New York Yankees hopes to convince people to embrace…


ELECTIONS: Democratic sweep thrusts Va. into ambitious role on climate

Democrats wrested control of Virginia’s General Assembly away from Republicans last night, paving the way for the Old Dominion to join the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative and pursue legislation to boost renewable energy.

The rising seas climate change has already locked in – Axios

While debate rages about how to fight climate change, the impacts that rising temperatures have already locked in are getting worse. Why it matters: We’re learning more about how much of the damage is irreversible, like with rising sea levels…