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9 things you don't know about sand dollars

We’ve all seen sand dollars wash up on the beach, a pretty white shell with a stunning star shape stamped on one side. But what’s up with those five oval holes? And what are they like in their ocean homes,…

Donald Trump vs Greta And The Prophets Of Doom

“We must reject the perennial prophets of doom and their predictions of the apocalypse,” declared President Trump on Tuesday at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. Gosh, what 17-year old pig-tailed school dropout could he possibly have meant by…

These Are the Causes of Global Warming – Green Matters

With 2019 going on record as the second-hottest year to date, global warming continues to be a real threat to our environment, livelihood, and the world as we know it. Six of the hottest years so far in recorded history…

Astronomers award 2020 Education Prize to Deborah Byrd

Byrd received the prize from the American Astronomical Society, the largest organization of U.S. astronomers. The prizes are given for outstanding achievements in scientific research, education, scholarly writing, and service to the astronomical community.

Why the future of West Virginia's rare flying squirrel looks bright

A tagged West Virginia northern flying squirrel. The species was listed as endangered in 1985, but recovery efforts have been so successful that it was delisted in 2013. (Photo: Corinne Diggins/Virginia Tech) Is the West Virginia northern flying squirrel poised…


INVESTMENT: ‘Green swan’ events threaten to shake central banks

Climate change threatens to provoke “green swan” events that could trigger a systemic financial crisis unless authorities act against such risks, according to the Bank for International Settlements.

New exhaust gas measurement registers ultrafine pollutant particles for the first time

(Graz University of Technology) Together with international partners, researchers at Graz University of Technology have developed a measurement method that measures particles below 10 nanometers for the first time and will contribute to the implementation of future, stricter emission standards.

Renewable Rent-Seekers Aren’t Focused On Stopping Bushfires—Or Cheap Energy

No amount of mouth-frothing by Piers Morgan or artful deception by the legions of renewable energy warriors published by the Australian Financial Review and the Guardian will change the facts about this summer. The severe fire season is due to…