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Menopausal Mother Nature

News about Climate Change and our Planet


Washington wineries considering dramatic changes for climate change – Crosscut

‘Under attack’ Wine is a big business in Washington state — and a growing one. While California produces the majority of wine in the United States, Washington is a distant second, producing roughly 10% of the nation’s wines. Washington’s vineyards have…

A Love Letter to America From a Village in Bangladesh on the 20th Anniversary of 9/11

America, I am sending you good wishes from a small Bangladeshi village on the 20th anniversary of your great tragedy. I knew nothing about you before 2001, when 9/11 shook you, and turned the world around. Twenty years later, I know much more about you—your people, and history—and want to say thank you. I first […]

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Grapes of change: French wines adapt to global warming – Malay Mail

French director of the wine research centre, SICAREX Beaujolais, Bertrand Chatelet poses in a vineyard covered by anti-hail nets in Liergues, region of Beaujolais. — AFP pic BORDEAUX, Oct 10 — In France’s storied Bordeaux wine region, an experiment aimed…

You Can Win a Free Trip to Italy by Posting a Photo With #Salami Hashtags For a Random Drawing

A brand of salami known as Galileo is celebrating 75 years of making the cured meats by welcoming salami fans into their family with a chance to win a unique culinary experience in a seaside region of Italy. But don’t worry, you don’t have to speak Italian. All you have to do is simply share […]

The post You Can Win a Free Trip to Italy by Posting a Photo With #Salami Hashtags For a Random Drawing appeared first on Good News Network.

Warming climate threatens taste and quality of wine –

Wildfires, extreme heat waves, heavy precipitation, early spring frosts and droughts impact wine production. GREENSBORO, N.C. — Wine grapes are very sensitive to changes in temperature and precipitation, so a changing climate due to global warming puts them at risk. …

Warming climate brings opportunity, challenges to NJ’s wine industry – WPVI-TV

MILFORD, New Jersey — The warming climate is transforming the wine-making landscape around the world, and turning once chillier New Jersey into a hotspot. But the benefits of greater warmth come with strings attached, including extreme storms, that can complicate…

Why Climate Change Is Not Important – Green Matters

The shifting climate caused by climate change is going to be a boon for some agriculture and a death sentence for others. According to National Geographic, climate change will lengthen some growing seasons and increase the carbon dioxide in the…

Change May Be Coming to Your Favorite Wines

“We’re seeing a broader selection of very interesting wines because of this warming,” said Dave Parker, founder and chief executive of the Benchmark Wine Group, a large retailer of vintage wines. “We’re seeing regions that historically were not that highly…

Interdits, ces cépages? Ces vignerons rebelles s’en moquent.

The New York Times traduit en français une sélection de ses meilleurs articles. Retrouvez-les ici. BEAUMONT, France – Ces vignes étaient autrefois vouées aux gémonies et soupçonnées de rendre fou ou aveugle. Bannies il y a des décennies, les autorités…

For France, American Vines Still Mean Sour Grapes

BEAUMONT, France — The vines were once demonized for causing madness and blindness, and had been banned decades ago. The French authorities, brandishing money and sanctions, nearly wiped them out. But there they were. On a hillside off a winding…

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