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Menopausal Mother Nature

News about Climate Change and our Planet


Climate change is killing Michoacan’s monarch butterfly population – The Washington Post

Every year, millions of monarch butterflies make their way across North America to spend winters in the same forests of central Mexico’s Michoacán state — a phenomenon that remains an evolutionary mystery. But in just one year, the population of…

Defense Ministry preparing for extreme hot weather as climate change sets in – The Times of Israel

The Defense Ministry said Sunday that it has put together an extreme weather scenario for government ministries so the country can prepare for the possibility of a crisis caused by scorching temperatures during summer heatwaves. The document imagines two “severe”…

Power move: Stacey Abrams’ next act is the electrification of the US

Stacey Abrams has been hailed as a masterly community organizer, after she helped turn out the voters that secured two Senate seats for Democrats in once solidly red Georgia. She has also run twice – unsuccessfully – for state governor….

CT legislators split along party lines over trash and global warming – The Connecticut Mirror

Engaging in debates over policy and process, legislators split along party lines Friday as the Environment Committee sent to the floors of the House and Senate two bills addressing Connecticut’s struggle to manage solid waste disposal and curb climate change….

Tiny island nation of Vanuatu to take climate change to the Hague – Axios

Illustration: Lindsey Bailey/Axios The small Pacific island country of Vanuatu is poised to gain UN approval to seek an unprecedented legal opinion on what obligation countries have to combat climate change. Why it matters: Vanuatu’s resolution would give the International…

UK planning to launch watered down net zero strategy in oil capital Aberdeen

The government is planning to launch its revamped net zero strategy from the UK’s oil and gas capital, Aberdeen, in a clear signal of its intention to boost the fossil fuel industry while cutting key green measures, the Guardian has…

Dutch Farmers Fighting Mandatory Land Buyouts To Meet EU Climate Targets

Brussels has warned furious Dutch farmers that compulsory farm buyouts are the only way for the Netherlands to meet its EU climate targets. Climate chief Frans Timmermans said the European Commission would explain the green laws to Caroline van der…

German Govt In Crisis For Opposing EU Ban On Combustion Engines

A clash over climate protection measures is threatening to unravel Germany’s three-party governing alliance after the Green party accused its liberal coalition partners of gambling away the country’s reputation by blocking an EU-wide phase-out of internal combustion engines in cars….

Global Happiness Has Been ‘Remarkably Resilient’ Over the Past Three Years: World Happiness Report

In the 2023 World Happiness Report, a wonderful trend has emerged from the data. Despite a major war in Europe, and all the government shutdowns and totalitarian policing measures in front of the largest pandemic in 100 years, happiness ratings have remained much the same across Europe and elsewhere. The report, which is a publication […]

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Seemingly ambitious Defra hedgerow targets actually due to typo

The UK environment secretary, Thérèse Coffey, has disappointed campaigners after revealing that an ambitious hedgerow plan for England was in fact a typographical error. At the end of January, environment groups were delighted when Coffey revealed the government’s Environmental Improvement…

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