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Menopausal Mother Nature

News about Climate Change and our Planet

Global Weirding

No Escaping Climate Change – Charlestown Patriot Bridge

Heat domes. Polar vortexes. Superstorms. Megadroughts. Wildfire tornados. Rising sea levels. These terms were unheard of at the start of this century — other than in academic journals — but are now part of our everyday conversation. Climate change and its catastrophic effects…

Letter: Here’s how we start stopping global warming – Times Herald-Record

I had a job carrying water in five-gallon buckets and pouring it off into 55-gallon drums – heavy work at 8 lbs./gallon. Americans use about 200 gallons daily.  This morning I read about Mississippians who are without water after a storm…

Climate Change is Leading to Global “Weirding” – Spectrum News

During the recent extreme cold snap in the Central United States, I heard a term during the news coverage that got my interest. What You Need To Know Climate change is leading to “global weirding” The jet stream moves storms…


Louisiana Hit By 3 Deadly Hurricanes This Season — Reflections While Riding Out Delta

Louisiana and the rest of the Gulf Coast face tropical storms and potentially hurricanes every year. Throughout my life, I’ve been really lucky. I was living in Shreveport and we were missed by Katrina. The first major storm I rode out was Rita

Climate Change Led To California’s Rolling Blackouts

Smoke over California Aug 2020California energy officials said extreme heat fueled by climate change, and poor planning, led to the state’s rolling blackouts in mid-August. The preliminary “root cause analysis,” released Tuesday by the state’s three central energy agencies, acknowledged they failed to adequately plan for the extreme ‘heat storm’ that shattered temperature records across the American West

5 of California’s 6 Largest Fires on Record are Burning Now

This post has been revised to reflect the most accurate data on fire acreage in the 1980s. The original relied on data from the NIFC for 1980–1983 and the updated version excludes this period, as the data are less reliable. The 1980s statistics now reflect data from MTBS and CalFire

Is BP Finally Committing To Ambitious Climate Action — Or About To Fool Us Twice?

As big oil and gas companies feel the intensifying heat from shareholders, lawsuits, and divestment campaigns to take responsibility for their outsized contributions to climate change, several European oil and gas giants, including BP and Shell, are making high-profile announcements of their intent to

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