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My Personal History With Global Warming – CleanTechnica

Air Quality Published on October 17th, 2020 | by Frank Semmens October 17th, 2020 by Frank Semmens  1964–1966 I served as a Peace Corps volunteer in Bolivia from 1964–1966. Being an avid skier from the Adirondack Mountains in New York,…

How global warming might affect food security – The Hindu

Between the year 1870 (the first industrial revolution) and today, the global temperature has risen by almost 2 degrees Celsius. This has come about due to more fossil burning (oil, natural gas, coal), which has also increased the carbon dioxide…

Pluto’s snowcapped mountains are unlike any on Earth

A new study shows how methane snow accumulates on Pluto’s mountain peaks. These snowcaps – first seen by New Horizons in 2015 – look a lot like ones on Earth, but form in a very alien environment.

Recent Atlantic ocean warming unprecedented in nearly 3,000 years

Sediments from a lake in the Canadian High Arctic allow climate scientists to extend the record of Atlantic sea-surface temperature from about 100 to 2,900 years. It shows that the warmest interval over this period has been the past 10 years.

Worsening rifts and fractures spotted at 2 important Antarctic glaciers

Satellite imagery has revealed that 2 of the fastest-changing glaciers in Antarctica – Pine Island and Thwaites – are fracturing and weakening faster than ever, a step towards the glaciers’ disintegrating and causing sea levels to rise dramatically.

Biomass and global warming! – Economic Times

Biomass, Black Carbon, and Global warming (BBGs)!! This blog was posted in 2014 but the logic is still valid. Hence I am sharing with those who have an interest in global climate change. According to a paper published in Energy…

LETTER: Science says man affects global warming – The Northwest Florida Daily News

The letter, “Man not the cause of Earth’s climate woes,” ignores the reality of climate change. The truth is that the vast majority of reputable scientists agree that global warming and severe climate change are not only a fact but…

Meltwater lakes are accelerating glacier ice loss

Meltwater lakes that form at glacier margins cause ice to recede much further and faster compared to glaciers that terminate on land, according to a new study. But the effects of these glacial lakes are not represented in current ice loss models, warn the study authors. Therefore, estimates of recession rates and ice mass loss from lake-terminating glaciers in the coming decades are likely to be under-estimated.

Global warming – Yahoo News

SHOTLIST: SOURCE: AFP VIDEOGRAPHICS IMAGES: 01:51 -Zoom in on the Earth from space-Wide shot of the earth, surrounded by gas-Diagram of an envelope around the earth-Ice enveloping the Earth-Zoom in on a magnifying glass on earth that shows the molecules…

Three Scenarios for the Future of Climate Change – The New Yorker

The events of the next several millennia hinge on actions that will be taken by the time today’s toddlers reach adulthood.Photograph by Raphael Neal / Agence VU / Redux Like millions of other Americans, I first learned about climate change…